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Rayfire Tutorial

New dynamic simulation workflow allows you to setup your simulation much more faster, easier and in more intuitive way since we removed boring routine and left rayfier fun. After a year you can Upgrade your license and get one more year.

I have never witnessed a faster development cycle of a production tool outside of a studio. Includes one year of support and maintanance.

Current RayFire Bullet v1 build supports only Rigid Body simulation, it allows to use the same dynamic simulation features supported by PhysX engine, except Constraints. RayFire is developing for Artists and by Artists, we know how to make workflow Easy to learn and Intuitive to use but still provide High Efficiency.

Adds detalization to simple geometry and makes them tutodial more realistic. Rocksteady Studios used RayFire for Batman: This is a must have tool for adding chaos to your effects shots. It has saved our team countless hours of mesh preparation, and with the fantastic support of Mir Vadim, its fast becoming a integral weapon in our arsenal!


Advanced Slice modifier with all features You may need. Image tracing to 3es. RayFire Trace object allows you to trace images tktorial fragments. We really want you to start use RayFire and have Fun from it as soon as possible so just Install it and Use.

Rayfire Tutorial – Lagspike

Allows to quickly fragment geometry to Bricks or Stones. Animated 3D Cracks inside refractive object. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse. Allows to use Shapes as stensil to fragment objects. Blizzard used RayFire for Diablo 3 cinematics.

RayFire Asperity modifier allows you to add detalization to simple fragments. RayFire paid for itself with one push of a button. New feature in this build is completely new advanced dynamic simulation workflow which based on Bullet object and Rigid modifier.

Customers of builds 1. Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength during simulation.

Production Proven

New feature in this build is Shatter modifier. It is fully functional and has no limitations, but it is for learning purposes only. Interactive realtime Voronoi shatter modifier. New feature in build 1. Not only can it allow you to easily achieve complex visual effects, but also save you hundreds of work hours constructing complicated rayfore shots and allow you to knock out professional visual effects shots quickly and professionally!


RayFire Studios

Allows to fragment geometry into bricks and 3fs wide variety of options to control bricks layout. RayFire Upgrade Upgrade provides access to latest build and one year of support and maintenance. Groups simple fragments into more complex clusters.

RayFire Full Full license provides access to latest build with all released features. Each fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use. Allows to cache geometry and animation in single file to store it outside of scene.