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Em A Condição Humana a acção situa-se em Xangai, no ano de , quando uma . This novel is widely regarded as the magnum opus of Andre Malraux. Man’s Fate is a novel written by André Malraux. It was translated into English twice, both Author, André Malraux. Original title . La Condición Humana. Libros sin clasificar: La condición humana – andré malraux. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote

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Malraux’s sympathies are clearly with the Communists, and while Chiang jumana is not technically a character, he is referred to throughout the novel and never in a complimentary fashion. She is the most underrated character in this novel in my opinion.

To be more than a man, in a world of men. Una peste alta cred ca este o carte monumentala. Yet I cannot do anything about what enrages me: Chevalier who did a horrible job here, his only saving grace being that he was lucky. The main characters are the party militants, led by Europeans, who have dedicated their lives to this violent ideology, and are determined to win or die trying.

His army is made out to be brutal suppressors of the revolution, killing Hemmelrich’s wife and infant purely because they could. He later escapes the city dressed as a sailor. Malraux presents the reader with a fascinating set of characters all of whom are modelled on real communist militants including Zhou en Malrayx Kyoshi that Malraux met during his time in the Orient.

It is ironic that maleaux of the characters attempting this overthrow of Chiang Kai-shek Nationalist regime are not themselves Chinese. Goncourt Prix in La condition humaine. It’s a very well told story, with a violent opening that thrusts the reader right into the action, a gradual build-up to the battle, and as a finale the merciless crackdown that follows.

Man’s Fate by André Malraux

That the act of translating a literary work is not a neutral and mechanical act but a truly creative one. I’m afraid there is in fact a reason why more people read the novels of Camus than those of Malraux. View condicioon 11 comments. Feral; representing the French petit bourgeoisie and his girl friend Valerie she ditches Feral as he saw her condiccion as a sexual object. Because late in my life I had come to realize this: Ouviu-se uma sirene que se perdeu nesta pungente serenidade.


At the age of 21, Malarux left for Cambodia with his new wife Clara Goldschmidt. Only by killing others does he seem to derive any meaning in his own life.

View all 8 comments. Mar 05, P. Although now better known as a friend and confidant of Robert Oppenheimer, Chevalier was a respected scholar of French literature.

Man’s Fate

Destinies cruise through life, we cruise through ours. According to Curtis Cate, his biographer, he was slightly wounded twice during efforts to stop the Falangists’ takeover of Madrid, but the British historian Hugh Thomas denies this. On a larger, more political level, it chronicles the machinations of Russia, the Kuomintang, European industrialists and bankers, and finally the nascent Communist party of China as they decide the fate of the insurgency and the workers and peasants who support it.

Malraux had an appealing, Byronic, image. He also toured the United States to raise funds for the Spanish Republicans. The novel is much more than just a history of the Communist crashing at the hands of Chiang Kai-shek’s Kuomintang in Shanghai. Jan 02, L.

‎Malraux andré‎

In real life of course Zhou en Lai survived and lived to reunite with Malraux in when Malraux was visiting China on a mission for de Anre.

He is eventually captured and, in a final act of self-determination, chooses to take his own life with cyanide. The first involved Fred Zinnemannwho spent three years preparing his film version of Man’s Fate before the producing studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayercancelled the production one week before filming was to begin in November To escape man’s fate, I was saying. Open Preview See a Problem?

Memories of spurious, overdone dialogue and phony plot. And so now I repent and ask forgiveness for my many sins of ingratitude, those countless occasions where I toasted the writers and their works while ignoring, forgetting and treating as completely insignificant their translators without whom I would have not been able to read what they’ve written at all.


After the war, Malraux served in a variety of government p Such perfect storms afflict mankind periodically, and this is an excellent study of one such disaster.

What fascinates them in this idea, you see, is not real power, it’s the illusion of being able to do exactly as they please. As a study of conspiracy and conspirators, of m As explosive and immediate today as when it was originally published in’Man’s Fate’ ‘La Condition Humaine’an account of a crucial episode in the early days of the Chinese Revolution, foreshadows the contemporary world and brings to life the profound meaning of the revolutionary impulse for the individuals involved.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 07, Tom rated it really liked it.

Man’s Fate – Wikipedia

On a larger, more political level, it chronicles the machinations of Baajr, the Kuomintang, European industrialists and bankers, and finally the nascent Communist party of China as they decide the fate of the insurg The novel concerns the communist upraising in Shanghai in To ask other readers questions about Man’s Fateplease sign up. Andrs, it’s a very interesting book. Memories of a few brilliant passages in the mire too. He served as a soldier in the French Army that was defeated by the Germans and later became a leader of the Resistance.

Perhaps the most em line of the novel is a very solid attempt at the now rather unfashionable genre of philosophical aphorism: Oct 19, Charmie rated it it was ok Shelves: He thus dies in an act of self-sacrifice and solidarity with weaker comrades.

S’il existe un but de la souffrance, sera-t-elle raisonnable?