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APPLESOFT II BASIC is APPLE’s very much extended BASIC language. BASIC has BASIC Programming Manual can provide an introduction: it covers a. Apple II Programmer’s Reference: Applesoft Commands · Applesoft BASIC Frequently Chart, in PDF format · Applesoft Basic Programming Reference Manual. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. Applesoft ][ Basic Programming Reference Manual. For Later. save.

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This allows protection of variables from high-resolution graphics in computers with large amounts of memory. It is used to protect the area of memory above it for data, graphics or machine language routines.

CONT cannot be used if you have a modified, added or deleted a program line, or b gotten an error message since stopping execution. If you don’t understand linebe patient.

Before going back to line 10 for another guess, we need to make the READ begin with the first piece of data again. Executing a program in immediate mode does not set the data list pointer to the first element in the DATA list. POKE 32, Stores the binary equivalent of the second argument 0, In the example into the memory location whose decimal address is given by the first argumentin the example.

If a string is the argument, it must be enclosed in quotation marks, and quotation marks may not be Included within the string. HPLOT can draw lines between any programmnig points on the screen — horizontal, vertical, or any angle.

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String operations are differently defined in the two languages. The computer will then come to the IF statement. Try typing the following lines: This can be done using the same format used in the other program, as follows: The individual strings in a string array are not dimensioned, but grow and shrink as necessary. In order of instruction line number, each DATA statement adds its elements to the list of elements built up by the programs’s previous lower line number DATA statements.


RSR Sets the video mode so that the computer’s output prints as black letters on a white background.

Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual – Apple Computer

The purpose of this program is to play a little game in which you try to guess one of the numbers contained in the DATA statements. It also provides 4 lines of text at the bottom applseoft the screen.

Recede the vector information into a series of hexadecimal bytes, using the hexadecimal codes from Figure 3. END causes a program to cease execution, and returns control to the user. At the left margin, is returned. ATN 2 Returns the arctangent, in radians, of the argument. If we use a semicolon ; instead of a comma, the next value will be printed immediately following the previous value.

When an error occurs in a program, the code for the type of error is stored in decimal memory location C B A Bit Number: A real occupies 5 bytes 40 bits in memory. After reset 0G return the program may not CONTlnue properly because some program pointers and stacks are cleared.

Full text of “Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual – Apple Computer”

When used in deferred execution, DEL works as described above, then halts execution. For each point plotted, the color is the complement of the color already existing at that point. Array names are not stored with their values, so an array may be read back using a different name than that used with the STORE command.

LlSTing is aborted by Ctrl C. Only reset can interrupt a LOAD. Alphabetic Glossary of Syntactic Definitions and Abbreviations See Chapter 2 for a logical as opposed to alphabetic presentation of these definitions. In brief, these 4 switches choose between: When a byte that contains all zeros is reached, the shape definition is complete. This lets you draw on the screen with much more detail than the 40 by 40 grid of low-resolution graphics.


Note that in the INPUT command the optional string must be followed by a semi-colon but variables must be separated by commas. This is the area used by the HGR command.

Applesoft BASIC Reference

When you are sure it is correct, RUN the program. The first tab field comprises the leftmost 16 printing positions in the text window, positions 1 through Be careful that you list the NEXT variables in the right order, though, to avoid crossed programming.

All characters, including statement separators and blanks may be included. Prgramming error message can prove useful if you wish to discover on what program line a certain array was dimensioned: As strings are changed, new pointing addresses are written; when available memory is used up, house-cleaning deletes all abandoned strings.

In the DEF instruction, real avar is a dummy variable.

appleosft This program is very similar to the one given earlier for sorting a numeric list. Below are some examples of legal and illegal variable names: If all three parameters are specified, then WAIT performs as follows: The line is drawn in the column indicated by the third argument. We would do so like this: