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Aug. Tief atmet man durch, wenn man dieses Buch ausgelesen hat, und man hat schon zuvor etliche Male tief Luft holen müssen. “Atemschaukel” ist. PDF | My paper elaborates Herta Müller’s Gulag novel, Atemschaukel (; published in English under the title of The Hunger Angel in ). Herta Müllers Atemschaukel ist ein Ereignis. In einem überwältigenden, poetischen Roman erzählt sie vom Schicksal eines jungen Mannes aus Siebenbürgen.

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Like many other Banat Swabians, her father volunteered for the Waffen SS during the second world war.

The book is entirely in the first person. After many years if the survivers are freed.

The Hunger Angel by Herta Müller – review

Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass er mich begleitet. Her mother served 5 years in a Soviet forced labor camp after the Russians conscripted her along with many other ethnic Germans after the Red Army occupied Rumania in Read more Read less.

La vita nel lager, accanto alla morte. After he died she turned the conversations into a novel.

Ich weiss, du kommst wieder — “I know you’ll come back. The novel is narrated by Leopold Auberg, a young homosexual from the German minority in Romania, and opens early in I have read many books about work camps — fiction and true stories; written later and written on site; written by people that were present and those that were not.

They focused on the intense hunger of the five years in the work prison, and called it a hunger angel, perhaps because its voracious, omnipresent demands kept them alive. In Atemschaukelshe has more than proved that her range is wider, and that her curious linguistic slant can be just as well applied to matters further afield. I rarely read fiction but this one sparked my interest given its subject material.



But it will take a atemschauoel or so for the whole process to be finished. It covers, however, despite obvious differences in the enforcer and the enforced, familiar territory, and atemschahkel straying into the kitch if too much fiction is applied to fact.

There’s also the racialized element to consider, which in tandem with the shorter history of translation means taking more liberties with the text is more morally assuaged on an individual level which translates to the group which translates to the institution with translates to the mainstream, etc, etc.

For me, it started well, I was eager to find out more about the main character. Product details Paperback Publisher: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. But beyond that, the style and story weren’t exactly among my cups of tea, not even compared to the niche. This is a moving and compelling novel by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, an ethnic German from Rumania.

Jessi rated it did not like it Jul 23, It turned out to be a dull story, filled with lyrical and allegorical stuff intertwined with hard core reality. As the afterword to The Hunger Angel aptly describes it: I would have appreciated this book more had I read the Afterward first and been aware more of the historical context and the personal journal and background material upon which it was based. Events overtook the dangers for Leo.

Powerful in the vein of Elie Wiesel and Victor Frankl, also profoundly sad. She vividly depicts the long-term effect on the protagonist’s life of the traumas suffered during deportation. Gordana Vuckovic-Glusac rated it did not like it Aug 14, This is a novel who was very appreciated by critics and probably by the whole literary world.


It atemschauke, be like telling survivors to shut the hell up, you’re bothering us with all your recollections. According to Ruth Klueger this book offers a new direction in German literature, that of fiction by a second hand participant in the camps, whether Gulag or Internment or Concentration or Extermination.

Yet these cattle trucks are equipped with makeshift benches and toilets, and the Atemschzukel give them food to eat on the journey — a frozen goat, which atenschaukel initially mistake for firewood and laughingly burn. I can’t thank Herta Muller enough for carrying this project forth. We had bedbugs in our bunks. I can only think of Amazon.

The author employs a terse style with mostly short sentences, somewhat unusual for a writer in German. How would their families relate to the atemschaukek and physical ordeals?

Atemschaukel by Herta Müller (1 star ratings)

Views Read Edit View history. I could mlker with the long titles too, actually, even though you have to cut them off in the middle if you want to write a posting about them. Sep 06, Anna rated it liked it. But we didn’t say: Her imagery is startlingly distinct and yet nightmarish.

Translation rights have been sold in several countries including Poland and Sweden.