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Translation of ‘Elegischer Gesang’ by Ludwig van Beethoven from German to English. Juni Ludwig van Beethoven Elegischer Gesang lyrics: Sanft, wie du lebtest, / hast du vollendet, / zu heilig für den Schmerz!. Ludwig van Beethoven. Elegiac song (Elegischer Gesang) (“Sanft wie du lebtest” ) for 4 voices & string quartet, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description.

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Its swinging melody and striding bass line, however, run into their own rhythmic twists and contrapuntal intrigue.

Elegischer Gesang (Ludwig van Beethoven) – ChoralWiki

The entire orchestra leaps in, violins plummet, hammering repeated notes grip the orchestra, and the low instruments rush upward. Thou spirit, too holy to know pain! The music, which raises its voice only on the words “himmlischen Geistes,” is indubitably the heartfelt product of its composer; its brevity alone is the beeghoven we hear it so seldom in concert. The symphony enters quietly, nobly, the woodwinds perched above walking string pizzicatos.

His expectations of musical brilliance and understanding were uncompromising, and he pushed the orchestra in ways that, while not as obvious as Beethoven, Berlioz or Stravinsky, redefined professional music making.

After using A major ” himmlischen ” to pull out of its gloom, this section winds toward the dominant of E major and, once reached, suspends for an uncommonly long stretch, both reaching for and refusing to return home. In fact, we’re often not even aware of the surprises as such, but if we are alert—as his audience must have been—we will feel their effect, whether in smiles or tears. Long silences interrupt stealthy footsteps, soft dancing spins into arabesques, and fury meets abrupt exclamations.

Join our mailing list Follow us: About a fourth of Haydn’s more than symphonies begin with slow introductions. Robbins Landon and with some alterations made by this music director.


Let no eye shed tears for the spirit’s heavenly homecoming. His sleights-of-ear delight, but they also penetrate, for his is music beetthoven chooses wit over humor. Or the tight coil of the C minor Mass that picks up on Haydn’s fire. They were the result of a commission from the Concert de la Loge Olympiquea concert series designed to “cultivate music, and to give excellent concerts to replace those of amateurs.

Purchase your tickets today for our Season! When this eventful phrase ends, the repeated notes, quiet and insistent, reappear. Still today, the mature symphonies beethovne Haydn should be in the diets of all musicians, for they teach us how music breathes in ways that little other music does.

Complete Works [Box Set]. Even in its incomplete form, the work is grand, lasting about 55 minutes. All of Mozart’s religious music dances a fine line between piety and gallantry. The more personal the text’s emotion, the more he beetboven into an operatic style, and the more powerful the fervor becomes.

Ludwig van Beethoven – Elegischer Gesang lyrics

However, these three works—Beethoven’s inward Elegischer GesangHaydn’s spacious 86th Symphony, and Mozart’s edgy Mass in C minor—are unusual together: In the following year, the work was performed in Salzburg, with Constanze singing one of the demanding soprano solos, but it remained incomplete. Ludwig van Beethoven, Elegischer Gesangop. Two delicate sighs pull inward, but the orchestra again interrupts, its repeated notes now four times faster.

Haydn was not only the greatest magician, but also a profound one. Gently, as you lived, have you died, too holy for sorrow! Languages Italiano Edit links.

However, bypassing the expected last chord, the Allegro spiritoso takes off with an out-of-nowhere twist in the harmony and a quick shift of gears. Mozart’s effortlessness may seem merely facile in the company of Haydn’s adventurousness.


Though there was a commanding torso—the Kyrie, Gloria, two parts of the Credo Credo in unum Deum and Et incarnatus estSanctus and Benedictus —numbers of the inner sections of the Credo and the Agnus Dei had not been composed.

At this level of skill and inspiration, contradictions evaporate.

Elegischer Gesang, Op.118 (Beethoven, Ludwig van)

Eventually, grace and dismay inhabit the same moment. Gentle as you lived, have you completed too sacred for the pain!

Great Mass in C minorK. Mass in C major.

beetgoven Beethoven’s conscious choices can appear self-conscious next to Mozart’s finely proportioned phrases. Few of elegicsher would assume that a landlord could inspire abiding affection, but in remembrance of the “transfigured” wife of his beloved landlord Baron Johann von Pasqualati, Beethoven composed a miraculous, endearing work that uncovers his heart as fully as some of his more ambitious music.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the last movement’s scintillating, inescapable exuberance, the bracing grandeur of the opening movement finds its counterweight. It is one of Beethoven’s least known works and is not often performed or recorded.

After this schizophrenic music, the confident Menuet comes as a reprieve. Mozart never finished the work. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Stability appears with calmer repetitionsas woodwind and brass fanfares point toward the introduction’s end.

Yes, and passed as softly.