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Complete summary of Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of By the Waters of Babylon. The great river in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” is the Hudson River. The Hudson River is the river separating parts of New York from New Jersey. This lesson provides a summary and analysis of Stephen Vincent Benet’s ‘By the Waters of Babylon.’ The story focuses on the dangers of knowledge.

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Aug 26, Mell rated it really liked it Shelves: And I also think “By the Babyllon of Babylon” is a really well written story, with so many effects going into the theme. The priests of John’s people the hill people are inquisitive people associated with the divine. John describes himself as child in comparison to the gods and says that if they had possessed any more knowledge, they would have been able to pull the moon out of the sky.

Fire fell out of the sky onto the people in the streets and toppled the towers, he tells us. These things are forbidden—they have been forbidden since the beginning of time. However, John wants more watres that, he wants to accomplish what his spirit want, and it is something very risky that no one in the post-apocalyptic world that he lives in has done before view spoiler [ go into the Place of the Gods hide spoiler ].

Nevertheless, it was strange. I can swim in our lakes—I swam to the shore. There was a place to make fire and a box with wood in it, though I do not think they cooked there. Bob Schevchik, for having us read brilliant science fiction.

It is so much fun to watch the students attempt to figure out exactly what is going on, where it is going on, and what might have happened in the past. The priests teach John chants, spells, and other babypon. Oct 04, Rana Osama rated it it was ok. John learns that people sometimes superstitiously mistake technology for magic, but he still bbylon in and is fascinated by magic.


John journeys through the forest for eight days and crosses the river Ou-dis-sun Hudson. No man has come there before. He was a big dog, with a gray-brown coat, as big as a wolf.

Thanks to my 9th and 11th grade Wxters teacher, Mr. As I looked upon them and their magic, I felt like a child—but a little more, it seemed to me, and they would pull down the moon from the sky.

He takes this as a sign that he is meant to travel east on his journey.

It was fire falling out of the sky and a mist that poisoned. It is there that spirits live, and demons—it is there that there are the ashes of the Great Burning.

I covered my eyes with my waers and crept back into the forest. No man of my tribe had seen it, not even my father, the priest. The sign was an eagle.

By the Waters of Babylon Summary & Analysis from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes

I turned to the door in the opposite side of the wall. It is not easy to kill a panther with one arrow but the arrow went through his eye and into his brain. He had us read a ton of short stories. Looking down from where I lay, I saw a dog sitting on his haunches. It made my heart feel strange to look at this picture—and to look at the figure of a bird, in some hard clay, on a table and see it so like our birds.

By the Waters of Babylon

It felt like ground underfoot; it did not burn me. John tells the reader that he has always seen this vision. John wakes in the middle of the night. I went carefully, my strung bow bebet my hand, my skin ready for danger. John again distinguishes between body and soul, saying that this man did not lose his spirit. My head hummed with my fasting—I did not even see the panther spring upon the white fawn.


This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat And always, as they labored and rested, as they feasted and made love, there was a drum in their ears—the pulse of the giant city, beating and beating like a man’s heart. Most irrelevant title there has ever been. I am a priest and the son of a priest. Jan 25, Billie rated it it was amazing. There were pictures upon the walls, very strange, very wonderful—I remember one of a bunch of flowers in a jar—if you came close to it, you could see nothing but bits of color, but if babyllon stood away from it, the flowers might have been picked yesterday.

John has trouble steering the raft across the river. His father allows him to go on a tne journey, not realizing John is going to this forbidden place. Feb 11, rixx rated it it was ok. Yet, at this moment, John does not feel brave. You come back a man and a priest. John explains that the gods did not hunt; instead, they ate food from magical jars. I was taught how to read in the old books and how to make the old writings—that was hard and took a long time.

I had no fear after that—I had no fear going home, though twice I fought off the dogs and once I was hunted for two days by the Forest People. I’m always a sucker for cautionary tale about society. I mean, the character John was okay.