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The instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t have instructions. There are 3 cylinders on the right side. The left one holds. Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. A great idea, but needs a lot of work. No detailed instructions. The screws to tighten to wire are tiny and easily lost, they wouldn’t tighten onto the wire on one of.

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Took me a while to figure out! Keep in mind that rafters are 16″ instrucfions 24″ apart; if you can locate one, you can measure against the ceiling to find the others instruvtions need. This mark will be the center of the post bracket. Mount the right posts on the right side of the bed and the left posts on the left side of the bed. I would like to know if you remember the size of the screws, I’m interested in the width.

I hate drilling through masonry walls in a rented house, and so this alternative works fine for me. Do you want curtains on either side or on three sides? Mount them both first. Trish Koby – Instructiins links for these are also at the very top of the article. After all, I told myself, this is only for a photo display. I am using this method as a room divider and havent been able to really figure out how to do it. After you complete the last post layout, you should have 4 strings hanging from your ceiling.

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Question about Sewing Machines 2 Answers I need an english instruction manual for my new ikea sy sewing machine, does anyone know where i can find one online? Bright dignitte twine or yarn Masking tape: The post marked “L” is a left-hand instrucgions and screws in counter-clockwise. I’m tempted to buy this unique set-up for my laundry room windows.

When mounting the posts, make sure the post holes are aligned in the direction the cable goes. That being said, I love the over-all look of my photo display; it will be very easy to change photos and artwork.

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

Hi Kathio — there isn’t a real rule for width, it will depend a lot on the look you are going for and how many of those clips you want to buy — the more fabric – the more clips you need. Once you determine where you want to place your bed, decide how much curtain you want.

Just need more of your help. Also, our curtain needed to go behind the headboard, because we wanted to hide the tubs and stuffed animals secreted away there. Our bed was king-sized and set into a corner diagonally.

This is NOT a one person project; you definitely will need a helper – and it would be best instrictions your helper was 6’7″ or taller. Have you had any issues with the cable sagging? If I go ahead and use lightweight curtains, in your experience, do you think this wire system would work for me? Skip to dignjtet content. Locate your first corner by having your helper lay the measuring tape or ruler out from the edge or headboard of the bed.


If this is the case, you may be able to have your posts mount right into a rafter behind the drywall with digniteet some screws, giving you maximum strength when you tighten up the wire. How would you advise changing the anchor method? I plan to hang net curtains over a 4 metre length, so not very heavy, but when I bought the Dignitet in IKEA yesterday I noticed their display was very droopy nd have since read some comments online that it’s difficult to keep the cable taut.

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains | Sew4Home

The main issue is making sure you have a strong stable surface to drill into – a stud, molding, etc. This made mounting the wire posts a little more challenging since we could not locate rafters to screw into for a better anchor. Then hold the string on the ceiling until the string just touches the measuring tape or rule.

T hanks in advance! While tightening, keep an eye on the other posts. Looks like the perfect solution for draping my not so pretty aluminum patio awning. Complete installation of remaining posts. Ikea has copies for all of their assembly guides online. Ive been looking at curtian tracks but I like this SO much better.

Now, mount the post bracket in the correct position with a screw.