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I am personal surprised that Lichtenstein has editall been sued for any of the royalties from paintings like this. I’ll be sure to credit you and include a reference to your website. Andy felt that Lichtenstein had seen the paintings in the window and gave him the idea to do his paintings.

Guy Gilchrist David Barsalou sent this page to me, asking if I had seen it before. I hope things are well edtial you.

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Any information you have would be much appreciated. If so, it would be important information to add to the record for this seminal painting. Tax-exempt income from securities, home own-eiship and state salaries, is at all times a minoritem, averaging 2. editl

How did you get hooked up with Kubert? Thursday, October 19, 2: That said, my personal feeling is that such introspective ideas about the nature of art need only be made once. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that the Oxford Art Journal and I can come to a reasonable and equitable resolution. You will see a sample on this page, or go to his website, Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein.

I felt we were close looking through newspaper strips of the time such as Steve Canyon.

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As we discussed, I would be extremely grateful if you could send me a digital file of the Look Mickey source image to reproduce with my article. As I’m about to open my portfolio, Kubert walks in and says, “He doesn’t have to show that. Could I just ask. It is unclear if Heath, anxious to fight in World War II, graduated high school; in a interview, he recalls going “into the Air Force in my senior year of high school, in ,” after having been “put in an accelerated class so I could get pmao with high school.


Today I was pointed at David Barsalous webpage saying that Roy was a copy cat. Click here to view book online to see this illustration editl context in a browseable online version of this book. Could you please send me the URL of the sources? I did hang around with Ross Andru, and we became good friends. Did he take good comic art and copy it badly on purpose?

Hence, the pecuUar re-sults. No more stubble beards. Lichtenstein later denied that he had any knowledge of Warhol’s comic strip paintings prior to doing his own:.

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Your lunch is twice as expensive as mine. This highlights Donald’s pride and surprise of his apparent achievement.

Thank you for your message. A brilliant collection, anyway you slice it: Image from page of “Asia” by Kalev Leetaru.

Andy Warhol still fascinates me and there was always something fast about Roy Lichtenstein. Check out the following damning evidence: I don not believe the subject matter is a metaphor for anything or has any sheaved meaning.

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Tuesday, May 24, 8: Were you looking to do a regular strip, or did it just fall in your lap? Judging by the expression on Mickey’s face, he notices that Donald has only hooked the back end of his pants and is about to jerk himself into the water. The colorists weren’t artists, and didn’t appreciate lighting, using white. Osio, Carlo Cesare, b.


You took liberties with Bob’s scripts, eh? On the right side of the painting there is a white blotch on the deck. What I do hear said is: Some issues even had two stories drawn by the artist. Bushmiller died inat the age of Comics have influenced contemporary art for decades. Most of his stories would not include a splash panel but would instead start with a title panel no larger than the rest of the story panels. Warhol did it 6 months before Lichtenstein.

What were you holding out for? Later on, they wised up, and started making longer deadlines. There are even more Historical discrepancies in the Waldman edition.

Why do people think artists are special? He and his new wife had been living at his parents’ home, and continued to do so for two more years while saving money for their own house; by the mids, however, they’d had children and were divorced. I like the Lichtenstein comic series, but his artwork is actually inferior in craft to the ones that he lifted whole cloth from the pages of the “funny mags. This is the question you should be asking. We too have been looking on and off for many years.

I stole them under fair use. I have browsed your web site.