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TRAITS. Gonatodes humeralis is one of the smallest members of its genus, an obscure coloured lizard (Fig. 1) with a maximum rostrum to anus (snout-vent). Bridled Forest Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis). These small geckos were the most commonly-seen lizards in the flooded forest, but that only means that I saw as. Admire the Rainbow Sun-Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis) in our portfolio of the Ecuador species herping tour.

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Gonatodes humeralis lives on the branches of trees, up to 2 meters in altitude. The males of Gonatodes humeralis have splendid colors. Or, if you like, you can design hueralis fake rock. Dennis Hluschi, Leipzig Translation: Okada and Carlos E. Global Vision International, pp. Reptiles of the Yachana Reserve. Sphaerodactylidae for the Caatinga Biome.

Like the males, they also have a golden collar.

Gonatodes humeralis | The Reptile Database

Additionally, if your combination is not warm enough a small heat mat may be attached to one of the outer walls of the terrarium. Squamata from the Brazilian Amazonia. Rap Working Papers Due to this last gohatodes, I can only recommend Gonatodes humeralis to experienced breeders at this time.


Lizards humeraliss Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Their neck features the characteristic golden collar of the genus Gonatodes. The containers should be similar in setup to the terrariums of the adults. Gonatodes humeralis Trinidad Gecko Endoparasitism.

Gonatodes humeralis

The males have red-orange spots and yellow collars, but you have to get quite close to notice these colors in the dappled forest light, and the geckos didn’t really want you quite that close. Check List 10 4: Contribution to the herpetofauna of the Venezuelan Guayana.

A Life for Reptiles and Amphibians, Volume 1. Well fed females will lay a single egg every days.

Wild Herps – Bridled Forest Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis)

Partly this was because the weather and geography meant that we only hiked in the forest while it wasn’t raining for a total of perhaps four hours, and some of that was earlier in the morning than the lizard’s daily activity period. They should be separated from other males, himeralis females when their sex becomes apparent.

In order to meet their climbing needs, one should offer the animals a terrarium measuring 40 centimeters or greater, in height. The substrate should be a mixture of soil and sand in a 3: Gonatodes humeralis is widespread in northern South America.


To the gonaodes, the distribution of Gonatodes humeralis extends to Peru.

Over their back, a bright broad band runs across the body to the tail. Adult Gonatodes humeralis are fed twice weekly with a well varied diet, such as crickets, firebrats, aphids, woodlice, bean beetles and Drosophila.

From Amazonia to the semi-arid: But even so, these lizards were hard to notice, because they are small, well-camouflaged, and shy. Taxonomic revision of the geckos of the Gonatodes concinnatus complex Squamata: The amphibians and reptiles of Manu National Park and its buffer zone, Amazon basin and eastern slopes of the Andes, Peru.

A natural planting of the terrarium helps provide a better microclimate and not only makes for a more visually appealing centerpiece, but it gives the animals more opportunities to hide. Cosenza, Ana Paula V.