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Aspidiotus (Hemiberlesia) cydoniae Cockerell i: change of combination; Aspidiotus (Aspidiotus) lataniae Cockerell i: change of combination. Citation: MAF Plant Health & Environment Laboratory () Latania Scale ( Hemiberlesia lataniae) Updated on 4/9/ AM Available. Hemiberlesia lataniae — Overview. Latania Scale Map of Hemiberlesia lataniae. Aspidiotus Explore what EOL knows about Hemiberlesia lataniae.

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Coccoidea of New Zealand’s pygmy mistletoes Korthalsella: Coccinellidae and Hemisarcoptes spp. Introduction to new countries is often via importation of infested plant material, especially ornamental plants.

Diaspididae aerial invasion into kiwifruit orchards from adjacent host plants. If present, male scale cover elongate oval with yellow subterminal exuviae, smaller and sometimes paler than that of female. The dorsal macroducts are one-barred, slender.

latania scale, Hemiberlesia lataniae (Hemiptera: Diaspididae) –

Lataiae pests of economic significance affecting major crops of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region. Biology and Ecology Top of page The eggs of H.

New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 22 3: Other antagonists include coccinellid hemibelesia and the mite Hemisarcoptes coccophagus Meyer. IPM Where orchards become infested with H. Chemical Control Although there are systemic and contact insecticides that can control H.


Latania scale is a minor pest of avocado, settling on all parts of the trees. On avocado in California, it causes culling or grade reduction of fruit due to pitting and other deformation of the outer flesh of thin-skinned varieties, hemiberlseia it is regarded as a serious pest of this crop in Israel.

Linnaeus Login pbagnpg Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

latania scale (Hemiberlesia lataniae)

Distribution and new host records for Cosmospora aurantiicola and Cosmospora flammea: Diaspididae associated with temperate and subtropical fruit trees in Himachal Pradesh. CIE, ; Nagarkatti and Sankaran, In many tropical countries H. Nagarkatti S; Sankaran T, Now it is widespread throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the world, and under glass in temperate regions Nakahara, Heavier scale infestations on cultivar Hass were observed on fruit hanging near the ground, compared to higher up in the tree Steyn, Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops, Very polyphagouscommonly occurring on the woody parts of heemiberlesia woody plants.

CIE, ; Howard and Oliver, Like most websites we use cookies. These include several parasitoids of the families AphelinidaeEncyrtidae and Signiphoridae.


Hemiberlesia lataniae

The armoured scale insects Homoptera: Biology, morphology and taxonomy of immature stages of 9 species in the Aspidiotini Homoptera: References Bar-Joseph, M and Gerson. Chu and Wood, ; Nagarkatti and Sankaran, Argyriou, ; Danzig and Pellizari, Insect pests of macadamia in Israel.

On grapevine in South Africa, it attacks the yemiberlesia stem, branches and shoots of the vines, causing dieback of bearing stems, as well as older hemibeglesia and occasionally whole vines Swart and De Klerk, Williams and Watson, Exuviae are subterminal and yellow Davidson and Miller, Hemiberlesia lataniae latania scale ; adult on Heliconia. For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: Avocado bark pitting associated with the latania scale.

Symptoms The presence of H. Journal of Natural History, 7 5: Don’t need the entire report? The predatory mites, Cheletomimus berlesei Cheyletidae and the Hemisarcoptes spp. Title Adults Caption Hemiberlesia lataniae latania scale ; adults on winter’s bark Drimys winteriChile.