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The Uncertain Path has ratings and 53 reviews. Jerry said: The Jedi Apprentice series is sort of like a television serial in the vein of 24 or Hous. The Uncertain Path. By. Jude by DrB 11/ Obi-Wan Kenobi paced between rows of tombs in a tunnel below the city ofZehava. Overhead, a. Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice – The Uncertain Path by Jude Watson – reading level information and list of editions available including their current.

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Overall, the story was well crafted, and the emotions and reactions of the characters were very realistic without the magic of the store being about Jedi being broken.

The Uncertain Path

To view it, click here. They are held to higher standards and need to behave in that manner tthe. Having read the first six books in the series, I feel that quality wise that this series is somewhat inconsistent. Like Mace so aptly said, and I paraphrase “You are not a child anymore so why are you acting like one?

In this book, we apprenticw up from where the previous one left off with Obi-Wan making the decision to leave the Jedi Order. I think both of the storylines are done moderately well, and the writing is able to bring it to life, and the story also has a lot of emotional moments that make the book surprisingly quite memorable.

Jan 05, Michael Yankovich rated it liked it. Now I will admit right off the bat that the Jedi Apprentice books are geared toward young readers with Amazon.


I really liked this narrative and wanted know what would happen nett. Obi Wan is different, too, partly due to his age, but also due to him being as different from those other three are as they are to one another. Young folk reading this would be clamoring for some of the forgiveness and elasticity that gets shown here–and, honestly, I was a bit glad to see it just to have a more human element to the Jedi.

Episode I — The Phantom Menace. Gladly the two of them unite again and I can’t wait how the thing aprentice the Temple unravels. But this issue didn’t spoil the book for me, there are so many things I liked about it.

The Rising Forcewhich was written by Dave Fhe. The writing style isn’t up to the bar set by Michael A. It is very entertaining while delivering moral messages. Spanish – Aprendiz de Jedi – Volumen 6: Although it was entirely Obi-Wan’s decision to quit his apprenticeship, the blame is Despite some flaws, I really liked this book.

Jedi Apprentice > The Uncertain Path

As the problems escalate, Qui-Gon is assigned the task of nabbing the culprit. But he doesn’t have long to dwell on his feelings after the Jedi Council asks him and Tahl to investigate a series of mysterious and troubling thefts that are suddenly plaguing the Temple. Both are grieving and we get to see that, we get to understand how they’re unpacking their having been uncoupled by Obi-Wan’s choice to stay behind.

Email required Address never made public. Conquest Edge of Victory II: The relationship between master and padawan continues to shine in this series.

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If the Jedi Order doesn’t take him back, it’s an orphan being left on the street. The padawan had stolen yhe the padawan lightsabors and the healing crystals. Apprwntice come to the conclusion that I like the Star Wars universe, I just don’t like the films.

This is a direct follow to the previous book, so don’t try to jump in here if you haven’t read number five. If we have a solicited review on jjedi website, we’ll make sure you know about it in the review, and outline the nature of the arrangement.

Whilst Watson does mention the unsavoury nature of events in her text, I was more than a little repulsed by the casual way in which young children fired blasters at each other. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon has hhe to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant feeling betrayed by his former apprentice. However, soon everything goes wrong.

Together they have power—perhaps too much power. Well, boys will be kncertain and all that, was basically their stance on this. Obi Wan sends a request for help to the Jedi Order. I watched ‘A New Hope’ when I was in college, as I was teased by my teacher and class mates for never having seen it. The series is getting better the more I read it. Other than this issue I really have been enjoying this series, which is why I am going to keep going forward with it.


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