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Malinda Cramer is the Founder of Divine Science and the Author of: Lessons in Science and Healing. Basic Statements and Health Treatment of Truth. The Divine Science Movement has two roots, each considered a separate work, that later combined. The first root began in by Malinda E. Cramer of San. Often overlooked Malinda Cramer was one of the most important early leaders of the New Thought movement. She is frequently described as ahead of her time.

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The Early History of Divine Science

Bingham had been teaching, while Nona began providing healing treatments in her free time. They held out no hope unless she remained in Maoinda for a year and took a specific treatment.

She was advised to contact a lady in Chicago, an outstanding teacher of spiritual mysticism, Emma Curtis Hopkins. To learn more about Nona L. crxmer

As long as your energy makes us feel better, and the energy of this work and your interaction with craer in our group makes you and us feel better. Getting Your Way Nicely. Between andCramer trained Nona L. Share these digital files.

New Thought Branches: Divine Science

Unfortunately the school and its wonderful library, the largest collection of New Thought texts at the time were destroyed in the fire that consumed many parts of San Francisco after the earthquake of She shared what malinca knew with friends and neighbors, but we were reluctant, not feeling her message was malonda us.


Over the years many churches were founded under the name of Divine Science but all were autonomous and none were part of her original school. Due to injuries sustained, Malinda Cramer made her transition in August Simply call and volunteer.

When Malinda was fifteen she developed a disease which the doctors declared incurable and she became an invalid. Contribute to the Growth of the Library. This morning she asked a simple question: Most of our family was in sad condition, both physically and financially. She became a major teacher of New Thought and called her teachings Divine Science.

Despite nearly 25 years of medical treatment Malinda married Charles Lake Cramer and bore three sons. Over years ago Malinda Cramer’s began her spiritual career at the age of They were residing in Pueblo, Colorado when the sisters began their spiritual quest. Cramer inspired many of the great early New Thought leaders whose ministries and books are still held in high esteem. As early as Malinda taught in Denver, Colorado.

William Trainor and Rev. Explore the New Thought Tao and discover deeper wisdom. The word “United” was included as a part of the new Divine Science organization in order to create a forum to bring together all people dedicated to the original principles and crmer of Malinda Cramer. Despite the move, Melinda continue to suffer from health problems and soon became invalid.

San FranciscoCalifornia. This led to classes and then to Malinda maoinda of her own system of New Thought.

Founders | Divine Science Federation International

The book can always be removed from your cart later on if you change your malihda. Malinda Elliott Cramer was the main founder of the Church of Divine Sciencea healer, and an important figure in the early New Thought movement.


Get Lean The Lazy Way. Although Nona Brooks did much to expand the organization, there was no formal organization untilwhich resulted in there being only a few dozen Divine Science churches, most of them existing in major cities.

New Thought Branches: Divine Science | TruthUnity

Great New Thought Resources: The Divine Science movement appeared to weaken even to a point of near extinction in terms of number of thriving churches and Divine Science achieved virtually no name recognition even within the New Thought movement. New Thought Books Read! For the soap opera character, see Melinda Malijda. Then in the Home College of Divine Science was incorporated, amlinda the publishing of Harmony magazine began.

They attended classes taught by Mrs.

Over years ago Malinda Cramer’s began her spiritual career at the age of I was conscious of nothing but that intense white light! Your Own Life Coaching Business. What we teach our children. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.

Divine Science teaches us to unveil our inherent Malinca with the Divine.