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29C K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory Features. Fast Read Access Time 70 ns 5-volt Only Reprogramming Page Program Operation. AT29C Datasheet, 29C k ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet, buy AT29C 29C datasheet, 29C circuit, 29C data sheet: ATMEL – K 32K x 8 5 -volt Only CMOS Flash Memory,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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I’ll take a look at the schematics and see if anything looks good.

You could then brick your BIOS just like the big boys Yes, I booted a with it with its ROM chips removed. Sorry Mike, It’s fixed now. John Miles 3 5. That doesn’t surprise me. There probably is–I’ve certainly done this with 28C64s on things such as disk 29d256.

If it doesn’t like your drive, then the problem’s hardware, not software. One more comment in the form of an actual answer: Well, I suppose technically they’re the same chip inside but just in a package that doesn’t allow erasing, but yes, it’s dataseet confusing and misleading and I often read about folks who thought they’d ordered a UV eraseable and got an OTP instead; that’s why I mentioned it.

But now I can feed it my Everex mfm card so I can get around it. It’ll put the students in touch with the hardware in a way that an anonymous microprocessor or FPGA chip can’t match.

JohnMiles, could you elaborate? That’s a you have? I got it to boot from a 1. That would be pretty cool, but I would need to be able to select between U18 or U I think that the Phoenix 2. Perhaps the limited available time could be used more productively with modern hardware.


Looking for 27SF256 or 29C256…

I’m also assuming that we don’t care about WE since we won’t be programming it in place? I’ve never used the 28C family. Naw, that would be hokey. If yes, have you tried the known 1. Not much luck though, any suggestions on who still carries them?

AT29C256 – 29C256 256k 120ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet

datwsheet Then, you wouldn’t even have to remove the chip from the socket I don’t think you can do much better than Futurlec http: Fortunately, it’s possible for software to enable or disable protection so that this can’t happen. Robustness to student wiring mistakes would be great. There’s nothing erasable about them. There is also a 8Kx8 version of the same chip with a compatible pinout dagasheet address lines are no connects. Maybe I could run some wires from my programmer TOP to the sockets.

As far as I know, yes it can. Yep, I just beeped out my mother board and determined that pin 1 shows continuity to pin 27 which is a14 as you said. It looks like they are connected to pin 20 CE.

Datsaheet didn’t say which package you are using, I assuming it is a pin DIP.

BTW, when ordering EPROMs be sure to check the complete part number carefully to datasheey sure you’re getting the right package and that they are indeed eraseable; one-time-programmable OTP versions without a quartz window usually have the same base part number, with just a different letter in dataasheet suffix denoting a different package i. I also compared a datasheet for a 29c and found the pins to line up better to the 27c I wouldn’t think that it does.


Ellen Spertus 2 9 They tend to be higher capacity than daatasheet devices, so more address lines to tie but otherwise equivalent to eeprom for your purposes. It doesn’t need to be pin-compatible, although that would be nice. I think that stock controller hates 1. I don’t know why this is.

Easy enough to work up a simple adapter. Though replacing the stock ibm one gave me kb functionality, i would like 1. Now I can make changes to the bios without getting out the UV eraser. Have you tried a standard 1. While the EEPROM is busy writing, it will return the complement of the 64th byte; when the result comes back as the actual value, you’ve programmed in that byte is returned and can move on to the next 64 bytes.

Thanks for looking into the matter! Some manufacturers occasionally let Vpp float, which was bad design practice, but it happened nonetheless. If no, you may find that a standard 1. You could also try Jameco. Instead, describe your situation and the specific problem you’re trying to solve. I like the Nexys2, personally, and the books by Haskell and Hanna look pretty good for bringing newbies up to speed.

29C pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

The bios works, buy the at still refuses to employ 1. Again, not a difficult mod. Would the 28C family be a good place to look?