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Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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Given the view Igbo men were a target of extermination, comments from the above media reports, then, came far too late to be of any help to Igbos. I have seen this things and I have seen their cause: The army experts met and reached agreements, but these were rejected. This defense of the juntas, however, bent on mischief and covering the truth, fails to account for a number of important facts. That illicit trade resulted in the loss of the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon.

‘History has documented Gowon reneged on Aburi Agreement’ – Vanguard News Nigeria

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There are strident calls for the convocation of a sccord national conference. This site uses cookies: But for us in Nigeria, Aburi goes beyond just nature and its preservation. Gowon before the meeting since the agenda for the Aburi meeting were agreed to well beforehand. Even accore Gowon in power, the Federal Government proved unable to quell the pogroms.

Even though the accords were simple agreements with no legal founding that were never implemented, that meeting in a small Ghanaian town changed Nigeria forever.

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ON ABURI WE STAND: The Distortion of Accord, by Ojukwu

With hardly any parallel for one to draw between the two books, one wonders if the same man authored both books. When will change come to this land? It seems that one sure way to avoid such conflict or friction would be by making new provisions whereby the Supreme Military Council will have power to make laws on matters on the Concurrent Legislative List in respect of Lagos only whilst the Military Governors will have power to make laws by Edict on those matters in respect of their Regions.

It had been recognized by the Military leaders that the meeting would: Had his motive been altruistic, he would have been honourable enough to publicly announce, upon his return to Lagos, what he agreed with Ojukwu in Aburi, Ghana.


It justifies the photographer Emmanuel Ogbonna who was abducted at Dugbe Market, Ibadan, tortured and murdered because he was Igbo. Among these, all parties agreed that all army personnel of Northern origin should return to the North to douse tensions.

Adekunle Fajuyi, on 29 July, Ten days after the Aburi meeting the Gowon Government issued a booklet, entitled Nigeria 1parts of which attacked and libelled the Military Governor of the East. It was the Labour Party government of Britain that cleverly convinced the Arewa North to put pressure on Gowon to feign illness, thereby making it difficult for him to tell the country what was agreed in Aburi.

Another agreement reached on 9 August, was that a conference of Regional delegations should be held to recommend in broad outline the future form of political association for Nigeria. Pending the completion of the work of the Committee, it was agreed by the Council that further recruitment of soldiers throughout the country should cease. Secondly, it does not make sense to include daily paid workers among those whose salaries should continue to be paid.

In spite of all these Lt. As one of the key parties to the Aburi Accord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, returns to mother earth today, it is also apposite to return to Aburi, and look at the letter and the spirit of the accord once again, an agreement that was violated by the Federal side, and which made a bloody internecine war inevitable. But they were so familiar that they have turned stale – too simple to capture the reality of the British commercial experiment that became Nigeria.

The draft Decree also completely ignores the decision at Aburi that appointments and promotions within the upper hierarchy of the Army, Police, the Public Service and Corporations must be approved by the Supreme Military Council. Considering the events that followed, the Aburi meetings turned out to be little more than a stop-gap in an avoidable descent into war. Other matters like the holding of an ad hoc constitutional conference, fate of soldiers involved in the January 15, coup, rehabilitation of displaced persons, etc, were also amicably resolved, and the conferees returned happily to Nigeria.

We will continue to operate the existing Federal Constitution and the Federal system of government until a new Constitution is drawn up.

In this context, the indications are that Lt. All ground was set for the faux accord to break down even before it took effect. The SMC would run the affairs of the country, but not without consulting the regions as represented by the military governors.


Abiola also took to his heels showing up in the West where he made incoherent and unintelligible speeches. Consequently the Igbos have been deliberately prevented from occupying leadership positions within the commanding heights of the economy.


Adekunle in his own words:. Nwankwo was born in in what was then Awka Province in the colonial era. The Armed Forces’ recruitment scheme had given the North an unfair advantage that became evident after the first coup. We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Ibo territory, we shoot at everything even at things that do not move.

Just then his mother rushed out, saw her dead son and fell on him, wailing piteously. In DecemberI was at Aburi, while holidaying in Ghana. Abuuri weak OAU and its Secretary-General Diallo Telli who witnessed the mayhem committed by the vandals against Biafran Children practically and morally did nothing when the Soviet Union was providing technicians, high-flying jets, and key components of strategic facilities to the vandals in order to decimate the entire Igbo Nation.

Nevertheless, if Gowon and his fellow vandals were not so bloodthirsty, the decisions at Aburi would have been substantially accoed. Government agency says letter advising furloughed employees to perform chores for landlords in lieu of paying rent was posted by accident Published Today at 5: The Permanent Secretaries have here revealed that the origin of Lt.

It concludes that for Nigeria to make progress what should be urged is not the accentuation of the logic of Igbo isolation and exclusion but the principled and relentless participation abkri the Igbo in building a new democratic, just and genuinely federal Nigerian state. The Military Government of Eastern Nigeria found it impossible to recognize this seizure of power; nevertheless it was prepared to co-operate with Lt.

Gowon did not trust the Eastern Region to hold the adcord too; hence the choice of Aburi in Accra, Ghana.

Ojukwu, though an Oxford-educated soldier with an aristocratic background himself, could not bear seeing his kin abiri killed without the federal government taking proactive measures about it. Yakubu Gowonto be head of state.