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A simplified design and optimization method of aerospike nozzle contour and the results of tests and numerical simulation of aerospike nozzles are presented. advantages of the aerospike nozzle is the ability to achieve thrust vectoring aerodynamically Figure 1 compares two aerospike-based nozzle designs to their. design strategy. Introduction. A multidisciplinary analytic model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle has been developed; this model includes predictions.

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Read the nozzle description file from a previous session. Input Variable Definitions 1.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Aerospike Nozzle Design – Semantic Scholar

The RS was to power the VentureStar single-stage-to-orbit vehicle. Exhaust recirculation in the base zone of the spike can raise the pressure in that zone to nearly ambient.

Anderson, pages to Refresh the displayed analysis to the default analysis seen during start-up.

KorteHerbert DunnA. For comparison purposes all results are referenced to the curved sonic line analysis for 2-D and 3-D axisymmetric nozzles. Ratio of thruster internal exit area Aei to thruster throat area At. Likewise, for the 3-D Minimum Length Nozzle selection the “X” and “Y” coordinates of the contour represent the horizontal and radial dimensions that define the 3-D axisymmetric mesh. Strictly speaking a minimum length nozzle requires a sharp corner at the throat.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The ideal contour or shape of the external ramp of the aerospike nozzle is determined using isentropic supersonic flow theory. However, no such engine is in commercial production, although some large-scale aerospikes are in testing phases. The X was to have been an unpiloted vehicle that took off vertically like a rocket and landed horizontally like an airplane.


For the example presented in Figure 2 and Figure 3, where the exit Mach number is 2. All important flow properties are displayed in real time as the locator moves from point to point in the flow field described by the characteristic mesh. This angle is used to compute the slope of the first characteristic from the edge of the throat. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This design has the advantage of being stackable, allowing several smaller engines to be placed in a row to make one larger engine while augmenting steering performance with the use of individual engine throttle control.

Then, depending on whether the flow is underexpanded or if the flow is overexpanded AeroSpike performs either a Prandtl-Meyer expansion analysis or an oblique shock wave analysis to determine the angle of the outer flow boundary from the lip of the cowl.

For maximum accuracy simply insert 0.

It was planned to reach altitudes of up to 50 miles and high hypersonic speeds. Output all flow variables to the printer aeroepike text file for use with spreadsheet applications.

The Mach number at the exit of the nozzle where the flow is uniform. Specify custom or user-defined gases by inserting Ratio of specific heats g in the Minimum Length Nozzle Data section.

The thrust at the base part of the nozzle can be ignored at low altitude. The plots in Figure 4 and Figure 5 illustrate the relationship between Patm verses PR and Pb verses Percent Truncation for the computation of base thrust, total thrust and thrust coefficient.


Aerospike length from origin Dedign. It uses carbon composite materials and uses the same basic design for both stages. For a minimum length nozzle the maximum expansion angle is equal to one-half the Prandtl-Meyer function for the design exit Mach number. A number of inert gases, liquid fuel propellants and solid fuel propellants are available.

In the Aerospike Nozzle Data section added a display of Truncation as percent of total aerospike length. Note the ablative aerospike nozzle entry-cone that forms the combustion chamber. Nozzlr company hoped to develop VentureStar early this century. Alexandrov Published A model of a linear aerospike rocket nozzle that consists of coupled aerodynamic and structural nozzld has been developed.

The outer boundary angle from the lip of the thruster cowl to the end of the external ramp increases as altitude increases. A new company, Firefly Aerospacehas replaced the aerospike engine with a conventional engine in the Alpha 2.

The single-engine tests were a success, but the program was halted before the testing for the two-engine setup could be completed.

Aerospike engine

As the vehicle climbs to higher altitudes, the air pressure holding the exhaust against the spike decreases, as does the drag in front of the vehicle.

This article needs attention from an expert on the subject.

Show or hide the main data window from view or from being printed.