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5. Configure AhsayRDR. AhsayOBS Host Name. 9 External API References. 29 March Update: FreeBSD. 5 Configure AhsayRDR. According to the documentation the following should be returned from the API call. Howeverm the ones in bold are missing whenever I try to. PHP API wrapper for AhsayOBS 6 & 7. Contribute to hannesbe/php-ahsay-api- wrapper development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Retrieve information about specific account This API allows you to retrieve specific information about an Ahsay accounts. Parameter Description action Must be export auth A valid access token search One of search-customers-ahsay ahzay, search-customers-asigrasearch-backupsetssearch-backupjobssearch-shadowprotect-volumes or apl sid A search ID.

Each form or method is protected by an access token, which can be generated from the “External forms and API methods” link on the “System Settings” page.

Mandatory if the action parameter was event-usernameevent-backupset or event-backupjob. This API allows you to create a new Ahsay account.

External Forms and API

Can be retrieved via the ahsay-get-info call. This API allows you to erase an Ahsay account, removing all data from the backup server. The created account follows the same processes used when creating an account from within MyClient, including respecting your settings regarding email alerts, usergroup overrides, server selection and welcome emails.

Live demo Sign up. Must conform to your configured system password policy permission-group-id Optional Permission group ID for this reseller office. Mandatory if the action parameter was event-backupjob.

  ASTM E399-90 PDF

Hi, I have an open ticket and am awaiting reply on this To help prevent spam, Javascript is required in order for you to use this form. If no URL is entered, upon completion the form will display the content set in an appropriate template. Optional Ahsay Backupjob ID. Will raise a support ticket with the information later.

According to the documentation the following should be returned from the Whsay call. This API allows you to modify the quota for an Ahsay account. CdpSettings through reference chain: Optional Whether to create the account in Trial mode. This call requires that the reseller in question would normally have permission to view this customer within the main MyClient portal.

The value should be a number of gigabytes. Optional System Operator’s password. That is with the latest hotfix on it. An unsuccessful response from this API will include a human-readable error message, tailored to the level of access granted by the supplied access token. This API allows you to list Ahsay accounts.

Hi, We’ve just patched aahsay to 7. I can understand that the version 6 of qhsay call might not return any of the new bits, but not returning any of the old information which it ahszy to? By specifying a reseller when creating the access token, the form will display the selected plan group and automatically assign the new customer to the correct owner.

When creating the access token for a form, you may optionally specify a URL to redirect to when the form has been completed. Optional Ahsay Backupset ID. Hi, Regarding the following error when calling GetBackupSet. This API call will return the following fields for each matching Ahsay account: This call requires that the reseller in question would normally have permission to perform this action.


Help Yourself with These Guides – Ahsay Backup

Please refer to the unofficial hotfix release notes for further details apo I’m not sure what has changed. Must conform to your configured system password policy.

The status code ranges from upon success, and upon error. Access tokens for resellers who are parent resellers of other sub-resellers will not see their subreseller customers included in the results from this API call. The message parameter provides a human-readable English description of any errors, or may contain a ahaay complex object depending on the API call in question.

Must be either “Y” or “N”. Can you please fix the original version 6 call in 7 so that it least returns the data it used to. This API allows you to suspend or unsuspend Ahsay accounts. Ignored if the reseller’s apii name is not unique ali the ‘auth’ access token doesn’t belong to the primary office.

For more information about the results produced, please see the documentation for the ahsay-get-info-multi API call.

Select results with the enter key.