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Hi all, my customer Z32 board is break down and need to replace it. it is difficult to find a board in the market. I only find eZ32 board. Our PCX recently lost its power supply and went down. After restarting it on the new power supply, several phones on an eZ32 card would. Subject: 2) 3BAAA Alcatel eZ32 Board Analog Refurb. From: ** Not Logged in ** Reply by Email. Date: Message: Can I get pricing for the.

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Carry Argentinian and US credentials and florida is my home base.

alcatel OmniPCX 4400 OXE eZ32 board 3BA23265 alcatel ez32-2 Alcatel UA32 Alcatel

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Our quick turnaround times mean that we can ship same-day replacements, minimising network downtime. Next-day delivery and time-slot delivery may be available upon request, but these services are subject to delivery address and will usually incur a charge.

If the card is used for purchases other than zlcatel call they will send a message to the platform to deduct from the time left. To receive weekly Free Telecom Ads, click on this link; subscribe telecomclassifiedads. In other words, they are selling a card that can be used for any Visa purchases. Nortel Alcatel and Dialogic equipment for sale used. We offer bespoke test facilities in our purpose built 5, sq. Cookies We use cookies on our websites. akcatel


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As an approved used telecoms partner to hundreds of global service providers, OEMs and systems integrators worldwide, you can rely on TXO Systems to help you expand and maintain your networks cheaper and faster. Enter your name and e-mail below and you will be contacted shortly.

Alcatel-Lucent E-z32 EZ 32 Anolog Interfaces 3BA23265

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