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Allanblackia floribunda is an evergreen Tree growing to 25 m (82ft) by 20 m (65ft) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The flowers are pollinated by Insects. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol 2. Names. Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. [family GUTTIFERAE]. Allanblackia parviflora A. Chev. [family GUTTIFERAE] . Native geographic distributions of (a) Allanblackia floribunda; (b) A. parviflora; and (c) A. stuhlmannii. Maps reprinted with permission from.

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The presence, identity, and quantity of potentially bioactive secondary metabolites in the seed oils, and pharmacological testing of isolated compounds were identified as important directions for future research. Obovate to orbicular, 20—25 mm long, glabrous.

World Agroforestry Centre; Nairobi, Kenya: The seed oils of Allanblacckia. Much data is still lacking, however, for entire species, and significant gaps in the data exist even for the more common species of Allanblackia with respect to their reproductive biology, propagation, cultivation, selection, and breeding, which need to be addressed through targeted research.

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The compounds isolated showed moderate in-vitro cytotoxicity against the KB cancer cell line[ ]. It is fairly easy to work with hand and machine tools[ ].

As a growing market, functional foods have steadily increasing economic importance. Trees are left on the farms when clearing the land for cultivation and managed especially for shading cocoa.

The natural compound guttiferone F sensitizes prostate cancer to starvation induced apoptosis via calcium and JNK elevation. Only traces of other fatty acids are present. The consumption and commercial exploitation of Allanblackia Clusiaceae seed oils is of current interest. Efforts to domesticate Allanblackia floribunda are underway, but at present seed is only collected from wild stands or from trees retained on farm land. Allanblackoa of propagation by cuttings and grafting are being developed[ ].


The wood is said to be resistant to termites but is not particularly durable. Mkangea species endemic to Tanzania, is distributed from Tanga in the North-East Highlands to the Iringa Region in the Southern Highlands, throughout the Eastern Arc Mountains, and occurs in mid-elevation evergreen sub-montane and montane forests.

Fatty acid composition and some physicochemical properties of oils allablackia Allanblackia gabonensis and A. In Gabon a decoction is taken for dysentery and as a mouthwash for toothache and in Congo Brazzaville for stomach-pains. Inflorescence a terminal raceme or panicle with strongly reduced branches or flowers single or in pairs in leaf axils.

Allanblackia floribunda Oliv.

Relative attractiveness of Allanblackia cultivation in Ghana: As mentioned above, it is crucial to gather information about the origin of plant-based fats and oils, since both genetic and environmental factors influence aspects of production and trade. The quality parameters, namely the acid index, iodine index, and refractive index values, were similar for these two oils, although the former two parameters were higher for A.

Recently, the international food industry has become interested in the fat as a natural solid component for margarines and similar products. Seedling with hypogeal germination.

After the seeds are ground and pressed to extract the oil, the bitter seedcake can be used as allwnblackia protein-rich animal feed [ 18 ]. It is estimated that Nigeria produced wllanblackia 50 t of allanblackia oil in The flowering plants of Africa. Collection of the seeds and wildlings may locally influence the natural regeneration.

Dry wood saws well, allanblacika green wood may spring on conversion. Properties The seeds contain a fat that is solid at ambient temperatures.


In the s, research efforts were supported by members of the African Safou Network ASANETwhich was initiated in to conserve indigenous fruit tree genetic resources, and which attempted to establish a market for the seed oil of the Safou or Atanga tree Dacryodes edulisBurseraceae [ 21 ].

Allanblackia floribunda – Useful Tropical Plants

Allanblackia comprises about 10 species, and is restricted to tropical Africa. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Oils and Fats for the Future. When considering the implications of the use of Allanblackia seed oil as a functional food or functional food component, it is important to keep in mind that individual SFAs have different effects on blood cholesterol levels.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Author information Article notes Copyright and Flogibunda information Disclaimer. For individual groups of trees the fruiting season is shorter and preliminary work indicates that collection of fruits from wild stands can be economical.

A pro-profit public-private partnership in a framework of environmental and social benefits. An extraction yield of You can translate the content of this page by selecting a language in the select box. Only traces of other fatty acids are present.

Evidence from the plastid and mitochondrial genomes. Flowering occurs during a large part of the year, in particular from January to September. Nutritional analyses indicated that the seeds contained 4. Other Uses An oil obtained from the seeds is used for soap making and in the cosmetics industry[ ].