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Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents. The Externals sourcebook reveals to players and Gamemasters alike the heart of the Released as a PDF only following the death of the Alternity line. Star Drive (stylized as Star*Drive) is a science fiction campaign setting that was published in by TSR, Inc. for the Alternity role-playing game. Alternity’s first setting was detailed in the Star Drive Campaign Setting () Professions. 3 Publications. Game books; Novels. 4 References; 5 External links.

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New adventures – and new dangers – are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. They’ve been blown into alternate dimensions, victims of the very tecnhology they sought to destroy.

But what if we don’t like the answer? Galactic Concord soldiers, accordingly, prefer to battle Klicks from a safe distance. Gamma Terra is what’s left, a world blighted by radioactive deserts, deadly ruins, and thousands of new and dangerous species armed and armored with bizarre mutations and the wreckage of technology.

You help decide the fate of the galaxy by setting deadly challenges for Altetnity and Protoss heroes to overcome!

Star Drive

These include psionicscyberneticsrobotsspacecraftmutantsand advanced medicine. Various authors have written novels set in this universe, including Diane Duane. When the Treaty of Concord exernals an end to the war inStarMech recalled and externnals its Warhulks Some of them are just the opposite. In this book you’ll discover everything you need to arm your hero against the darkness. Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations is a compendium of creatures for the DarkoMatter setting.

The name “Klick” was coined by Galactic Concord soldiers and based on the odd clicking sounds that the aliens make when they communicate. To save the lives of its people, the Collective used its talent in robotics and automation to create the Warhulks – massic spacegoing vessels bristling with destructive capability and guided by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence units ever to be installed in a starship.


Inside this page book you’ll find: Through their dealings, the heroes uncover a sinister plot involving a cykotek oxygen runner and a nefarious black marketeer. Star Drive Campaign Setting. The Galactic Concord is thf up of citizens and territories donated by the other Stellar Nations. There are seven novels and one anthology written for the setting.

Alternity – Star Drive – Dark Matter – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Some of these aliens are viscious killers. Strap on your sword and ready your blaster – it’s time to brave the wild frontiers!

The Klicks employ brutal but effective “hit-and-run” combat tactics. Create detailed starships, improve your hero’s skills, and enjoy new methods of explosive battle with the ALTERNITY game rules for starships, faster-than-light travel, space tactics, boarding, and starship combat.

This book presents a game universe for heroes to conquer, investigate, and explore. Some are considered borderline sentient. Now one group of heroes enters the star system, seeking to learn the fate of the colony. The heroes must track the interdimensional castaways through superspace, traveling through parallel worlds that run the gamut from primitive savagery to nuclear desolation.

The Regency government maintains Bluefall’s independence against a storm of challenges. System Guide to Aegis “The Verge is a dangerous place.

Best of all, you’re the hero who makes the next big discovery, stops the next insidious threat to humankind, or carries out the next heart-stopping rescue in the face of impossible odds! Depending on the engine power of a stardrive, it could travel anywhere from 5 to 50 lightyears in a single trip, but due to the spatial physics of Drivespace, any and all travel between two points takes exactly hours approx.

But where are the terrorists? The choice is up to you! The dark times are over. The game world includes a variety of standard aternity science fiction features.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

It is divided into xeternals covering the history of the setting; a description of the conditions, economy, and technology of the 26th century; descriptions of the various stellar nations within a range of over 1, light years ; a more detailed look at a mysterious distant region known as the Verge, and finally game-specific details covering the player species, careers, employment, skills, equipment, and special game options available for players.


The Point Pleasant “mothman” sightings alterjity the s. You control the action. Working for a clandestine organization called the Hoffmann Institute, heroes explore hidden mysteries while eluding forces – both human and alien – that scheme to control the truth. Included in the product is a map of the base itself, and – for the first time – schematics of a klick attack ship! Send encrypted data between star alterntiy Choose from different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.

They live among us, unseen except by those brave enough to seek them out. The mighty fortress ship Monitor and eexternals support fleet rush across hundreds of light-years, desperate to answer the distress call and unravel the riddle of the outpost on the farthest edge of the Verge Tangents is a sourcebook!

Open up the throttle and take the future by storm!

Star Drive – Wikipedia

For the video game, see StarDrive. A few weeks ago, a Concord cutter found exrernals gutted ship drifting in space, her crew dead. Star Drive is set in the 26th century, starting in the year As the vanguard of the powerful star fleet, the heroes command the fast, heavily armed star cutter Shrike. This page, full-color book includes more than 45 new alien species with detailed descriptions and illustrations.

Can they survive the deadly threat posed by extrnals derelict’s ancient machinery and unravel the mystery of the ship? They favor ambushes and overwhelming numbers.