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Ansat-U, a trainer variant of the Ansat helicopter, is being produced by Kazan Helicopters for the Russian Air Force. The helicopter can be used for the training of. Mission and primary tasks. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on. MiA2 and Ansat helicopters, manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding company (part of State Corporation Rostec), completed a demonstration tour.

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Russian Helicopter Systems has added a fourth medevac Ansat helicopter to their fleet. The next prototype became was a flyable version which marked the line’s first official airborne attempt in The objective of testing is to prove the ability to use the machine in high temperatures. The helicopter was named Ansat meaning light”, “simple” or “easy” in the Tatar language.

United Helicopters International Group, the authorized distributor of Russian Helicopters holding in China has signed an agreement helicoprer supply 3 medical helicopters to Beijing Helicoptet Rescue Center.

Ansat Light Utility Helicopter |

In it was selected by the Russian Air Force for flight training schools. The Russian industrial holding company Russian Helicopters, a part of the multi-profile industrial group UIC Oboronprom, offers the African aviation markets south nasat the Sahara, the new light multi-role Ansat. The event at the U-Tapao airfield included flight display of Russian-made rotorcraft.

The crew are seated in stepped cockpits hwlicopter this has resulted in a slimmer fuselage and thinner forward profile. Following a failed joint venture attempt with Eurocopter, Kazan eventually struck out on its definitive own during the early-to-mid s and formed its own in-house team of engineers with new product goals in mind.


The Rostec State Corporation and its subsidiary holding company Russian Helicopters held negotiations with the Mexican company Craft Avia Center for the sale and maintenance of Ansat helicopters on the Mexican market.

The contract to supply six multirole Ansats in medevac mode to State Transport Leasing Company was signed at the end of The helicopter can be used in various versions: One of the resulting designs became a lightweight helicopter platform which achieved first flight on August 17th, The Kazan Ansat is a multi-purpose helicopter that can suit many roles.

The “Ansat-U” is a military-minded helicopter trainer that features a dual-control scheme for student and instructor this version has been accepted by the Russian Air Force as its next helicopter trainer platform.

Kazan Ansat

MiA2 and Helicpoter helicopters, manufactured by the Russian Helicopters holding company helicoper of State Corporation Rosteccompleted a demonstration tour of the countries of Southeast Asia. Main advantages versatility; compactness that enables landings on unprepared small-sized sites; high hovering ceiling; easy operation and low maintenance; high safety and single-engine flight and landing capability. The skid undercarriage is retained for simplicity and robustness as is the four-bladed main rotor, starboard side-mounted tail rotor and twin engine pairing.

Russian Helicopters, Nov Tags: It is powered with two PWK turboshaft engines, which produce shp each.

The engines drive a four-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor with the main rotor sitting atop a short mast while the tail rotor is hslicopter to the starboard side of the aircraft. They hope that once Rosaviatsiya validates the certifications, they will be able to start exporting in It is armed ansaat a Russia will certify two light utility helicopters by the end ofDeputy Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Friday.

Kazan Ansat – Wikipedia

Russian Helicopters announces certification of the Ansat The new light commercial Ansat and KaT helicopters, developed by Russian Helicopters part of State Corporation Rostec are now available on the Russian commercial aircraft market.


Mission and primary tasks The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter is intended to carry personnel, cargo and equipment inside its cargo compartment or on external sling, as well as perform special tasks in the interests of different customers. It can carry two stretchers. It accommodates only pilot, instructor and technician.

Under the agreements, signed at HeliRussiathe first customers for five of the new aircraft will be Tatarstan-based Tulpar Helicopters and Vector Aviation Company. The rotorcraft was delivered to Russian Helicopter Systems. Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, will feature a range of medium-sized and light multirole helicopters at the 8th International Airshow, November on Kish Island, Iran.

Previously this helicoptet was producing other helicopters, developed by Mil design bureau, such as Mi-1 and Mi Russian Helicopters part of State Corporation Rostec has signed two contracts to supply the modernised light Ansat passenger helicopter manufactured by Kazan Helicopters.

A replacement for the Mi-2 was needed. This entry’s maximum listed speed mph.

Russian Helicopters part of State Corporation Rostec announces that the new light ansaat commercial Ansat with hydro-mechanical controls has received additional certification from the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee AR IACenabling it to carry out passenger transport operations on the commercial market.

Once it is flown by one pilot, it can carry 8 passengers. Download in pdf format pdf kb doc 11 kb.