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Ashwini mudra is contraction and relaxation of anus part which strengthens pelvic muscles. Ashwini Mudra – The word ashwini means ‘horse’ in Sanskrit. Ashwini Mudra involves the contraction and relaxation of the buttock muscles. Ashwini Mudra is done by contracting the anal sphincter muscles in a rhythmic manner. It is observed that horses are adept in doing this. Ashwini Mudracomes.

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It makes your body more resistant to diseases or ailments. The health benefits of ashwini mudra: A great mudra sometimes called the giver of energy.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The increased blood flow can be beneficial for those who suffer from headaches, though it should not be practiced at the time of headache. Add to Spiritual Diary. Try to confine the action to the anal area. Muda mudra is a beginner yoga technique that involves contracting the anal sphincter in a rhythmic way in order to direct prana life force energy upward along the spine through the sushumna nadior the body’s main energy channel.

Try and rest the chin against the chest. Please Note the thing Consult an expert yoga instructor or a yoga trainer or health advisor for your further exercise regimen.

Thank you very much. Repeat the practice for as long as possible. So Vajroli is the force which moves upward with the power of lightning and sahajoli is the psychic attitude of spontaneous arousing. Detoxification of the body due to improved efficiency of the organs of the body which leads to youthfulness and anti-ageing effects. Contraction and relaxation should be done smoothly and rhythmically.


Feel the energy flush through the entire body.


FourthTake your awareness to the anus, this is important while doing Ashwini mudra. Besides, because of strengthening anal muscles, it cures disorders of the rectum such as constipation, piles and prolepses of the uterus or rectum.

This New Year, remember your promise. The Ashwini mudra strengthens your muscles of the uterus. Close the eyes and relax the whole ashwii. It serves its master well and gives maximum output. It tones up the pelvic muscles, the reproductive and ashwinj organs and improves sexual health. How to perform the Thunderbolt psychic attitude: It takes minimum resources and gives maximum in return.

The nerves passing through the neck are toned and the neck flexibility is increased. Inhale slowly and deeply while contracting the sphincter muscles of the anus slowly for a few seconds without straining, then exhale slowly while relaxing the contraction for a few seconds. Ashwini mudra prevents escape of ashwink pranic energy and redirects it inward which assists physical and mental progress in an individual. Relax your body and breathe normally. Matsyasana – to counterbalance the Jalandhar Bandha.

Your email address will not be published. When yogi will be reach in a comfortable position physically and mentally by above practicinghe will contract mudrs sphincter muscles of the anus with anter kumbhaka internal breath retention.

The mudra stimulates the the prana energy to flow upwards for spiritual purpose. If you practice it regularly, you will gain control over your vital energy which is usually lost during nocturnal pollution. This mudra helps to boost your reproductive and digestive organs.

It is good to improve your sexual health. Is Your Chi Blocked? This Mudra has positive effects on the empty spaces in the stomach and improves functioning of these parts.


Ashwini Mudra

Editorial by Yogacharya Surakshit Goswami. This contraction is just the same when you try to hold back the urge to urinate.

Any women suffering from severe problems of the uterus should not practice this asana. While inhaling raise the back and the legs up into a vertical position, placing the hands on the upper back for support. Function of abdominal organs especially lower abdomen is improved. You should gradually increase the number of times as you get better at it.

What Is Ashwini Mudra And What Are Its Benefits

This practice is so-called because the anal contraction resembles the movement a horse makes with its sphincter immediately after evacuation of the bowels. Horse has a very special place among animals. Useful in preventing the prolapse of the uterus and rectum and preventing piles. The testes in men and the labia in women shift upward slightly when mucra do the contraction. Release the hands from the upper back.

Practice this mudra as many round as is comfortably possible. Try to confine the action to the anal area. Avoid this asana after any abdominal surgery, or if you have high BP, glaucoma, or pain in the wrists or elbows.

The chin should rest against the chest, creating the chin lock. It can also awaken the dormant kundalini energy.

It balances the parathyroid glands that ensures regeneration and normal development of the bones.