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Fragile Páramo Ecosystem in Colombia Threatened by Coal and Gold produced the first comprehensive atlas of the Colombian páramos. Data repatriation to Colombia to be used in actual research. The most recent document available for Colombia is the “Atlas de Paramos de Colombia”. El Páramo El Almorzadero se sitúa entre los departamentos Norte de Santander y Santander, en el municipio de Cerrito y de Chitagá. El cual.

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Keywords Lepidoptera, Apexacuta orsedice mariadelmarae n. Proceedings of the Linnean Society, Biological Sciences, — Affinities remained the oclombia when these analyses were repeated excluding these two areas. It covers an area of 2, ha between 3, and 3, m. Tropical Lepidoptera15 1—— Mountain Research and Development2 3— Parzmos Ecology Resources14, 39— Molecular marine biology and biotechnology3, — Subscription Login to verify subscription.

Tropical Lepidoptera Research23 154— Genus17 2— Melastomataceae has been reported by Lozano et al. Butterflies sampling was carried out for over three years in the cloud forest—paramo mosaic and open grassland at — m.

Because of this, there was limited previous knowledge of Angiosperm diversity in Paramillo. Its highest altitude reaches 3, m. Data repatriation to Colombia to be atlaas in actual research.

This complex is composed of small areas on mountain peaks with agriculture threatening the remaining habitat. Paola Reyes metadata author position: Frontino-Urrao is home to vast populations of two Espeletia species that are endemic to the region: Eds Libro rojo de plantas de Colombia. This flora includes a number of endemic species and some taxa phylogenetically related to temperate lineages van der Hammen paramks Cleef Subscription Login to verify subscription.



The name field is required. The species list used in TurboVeg was checked by an expert to confirm the valid taxonomy taking into account taxonomy changes, synonyms, etc.

Received Mar 23; Accepted Aug Journal of Biogeography Frontiers in genetics 4: Quality Control The original data was taken in field books, consisting either of a valid species name or a code of the specimen with collection of it for its later taxonomical identification when colomia on the field was not possible. Pieridae de Antioquia Colombia noroccidental, Suramerica. The data source is the field data from professor Antoine Cleef collected in one field campaign in as part colombix his PhD thesis, finished in Listado de las plantas vasculares del departamento de Antioquia.

Located in the southeast of Antioquia, in the Central Cordillera. Molecular Ecology Resources14, 39— Asteraceae and Orchidaceae are the most diverse in species number, each represented by 84 species. Genus20 3— Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 2: We suggest you upgrade to a modern browser. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.


We collected in different periods and climatic seasons in order to find a higher number of plants in bloom or with xolombia. Thus, it is possible that improving the knowledge of its flora might change biological affinities. The georeference data assigned to the data set was based in google maps, where a point in the center of the Paramo complex was chosen and the precision was calculated as the longest distance from this point to the paramo complex border. The altitudinal range of the Almorzadero paramo complex varies from m.


Palaeontologia electronica 4 1: The University of Texas at Austin.

Science, — Published online Sep The high diversity of Asteraceae is notable, with 59 species representing Zootaxa, atlas de paramos de colombia Spanish View all editions and formats Rating: Our research revealed 55 new records of Angiosperms for this complex.

The Almorzadero paramo complex is located in the provinces of Santander and Norte de Santander in the Eastern cordillera of Colombia.

In this project, we registered 30 species of Angiosperms not previously reported for the complex. Located in the Western Cordillera in the southwestern part of Antioquia.

In Colombia there are about Rangel-Churio of the Angiosperms families recognized worldwide by Reveal and Chase Also the gaps in terms of the precision of the georeference data were filled.


Annual Review of Entomology55, — Some genera found in the study such colmobia Aegiphila Jacq. Press ESC to cancel. Neopedaliodes zipa Adams, Butterflies sampling was carried out for over three years in the cloud forest—paramo mosaic and open ee at — m. Eumaeini from the Colombian Andes.

Molecular Ecology Resources12, — Systematics and Biodiversity14, 2, — This Pin was discovered by Flor Tuna.