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This Pin was discovered by Brahma Kumaris. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Avyakt BapDada Live – 31/12/ अव्यक्त बापदादा LIVE – 31/12/ ( Monday Avyakt BapDada LIVE (English) – 31/12/ (PM to PM IST) . Avyakt Bapdada Murli 12 October By omshanti1 On October 12, ओम शान्ति अव्यक्त बापदादा मधुबन “सदा स्नेही के साथ.

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If weak thoughts continue to arise within your mind, you will develop the habit of mental weakness.

Kamzori Se Chhutne Ki Vidhi – Avyakt BapDada Murli by Brahma Kumaris Official – Listen to music

Your thoughts are very good, but why is there is difference when it comes to putting it into action? This is because, although you were ruminating on pure thoughts, yet you were not able to lift off from the ground or earth of this body. Just as you check the quality of gold though a specific instrument, as to whether it is pure gold or any alloy is mixed into it, whether it is real or napdada gold. Because the firm faith or the power of the essence of the evident fruit is not there, the siddhi success will also not be tangible.

It acyakt also a form of violence to give sorrow to any soul through thought, likewise for taking sorrow from any soul. If you kept yourself busy serving though the power of thought, then waste would automatically be destroyed. You must perform each action in the consciousness of the relationship of both the incorporeal soul and the corporeal body.

For you to allow the flow of waste thoughts within is like playing with dolls.

Then all your powers will be proved, and you will become the embodiment of spiritual power. In the same way you should consider the mistakes of others to be your own, and not spread them around. Even if it is not in your thoughts, you will nevertheless gain attainments.


The Details of the Power of Thought – Selected from Avyakt Bapdada | bkdclasses

They are always undecided. It would definitely occur. If avyaky one gets this thought: So the present time is the age for achieving all attainments easily.

Therefore slow down the speed of thoughts. This is also a power, but you must develop it though experimentation. When you souls are stable in your completely empowered stage, as soon as someone comes to you, you turn on the switch in a second, that is, you put forth ba;dada pure thought or a pure feeling with the intention of benefitting that soul.

To be powerful, with open eyes, implies to adopt the stage of the detached observer. Once a thought is waste then automatically and certainly, your treasure goes to waste. Even now are you a trustee or a householder? The account of waste will not get finished off. No matter how much someone may try, but unless you are established in yoga with the seed, no leaf, that is, no soul can possibly receive any cooperation. One moment you perform an action, the next moment you experience the reward or punishment.

You will be able to establish yourself in the form of a point when you are regular in the practice of creating pure thoughts. Why you are not able to discern, is because you are not free from negative thoughts. When one thought arises from another and they keep arising, then it indicates that the speed of thoughts is very fast, which implies that you are wasting the fortune of your energy.

Therefore again and again pay attention to sustain the thought: The thought of a Poonya Atma is such a special power that it acts like magic to make impossible things become possible.


It also takes time to erase them; it takes time and you remain deprived of the blessings and boons of Bapdada. You enjoy listening, it seems very deep to you, you become happy, you receive very good treasure, but you need greater practice in absorbing it, that is in becoming the embodiment of it. According to the purity of your attitude you are able to purify the atmosphere.

BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

So also the weight of small mistakes forms a burden and prevents you from establishing yourself in the stage of bapdxda that you wish. Secondly though your intellect you have understood the method for creating pure thoughts and destroying negative or waste thoughts.

However physical action is easier. The people of the world can get whatever they need done with an order. If so what would you call that? Therefore The Father is giving you notice because after all He has so much love for you children.

Because the language of thought is much faster than spoken language, you will enable anyone to experience it within a second. Even though you have this much work to accomplish with your intellects, how is it possible that murpi intellects remain unoccupied? Check also your stage, whether or not, during the course on one hour, the continuous flow of thoughts is based upon any form of the attitude of ownership.


Now you must make the efforts of the very senior people. To consider the mistake of another to be your own is the bpadada to making the gathering strong. Because of its power it can transform anything.