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A.W. Pink’s Book The Attributes of God (Free Online Audio Book [MP3s], iTunes, Text, PDF, Epub, Mobi Files [Kindle], Romania Edition, Paperback Book, etc.). There is no attribute more comforting to His children than that of God’s Sovereignty. Under the most adverse circumstances, in the most severe. The Attributes of God has ratings and reviews. One of the best books on this topic is The Attributes of God by A. W. Pink, who states, “The foundation.

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Because His goodness endureth forever, we ought never to be discouraged: They both had the same parents, and were born at the same pf, being twins; yet God loved the one and hated the otherl Why? It is written in quite a scholarly fashion, not necessarily a problem, but in this case having a different style and tone would have made the content easier to get through and digest. Even that which is displayed of His might in the visible creation is utterly beyond our powers of comprehension, still less are we able to conceive of omnipotence itself.

The Attributes of God – A. W. Pink | Precept Austin

For true and righteous are His judgments: This also is self-evident. His nature and being are infinite, and so, subject to no mutations. The book contains 17 short 6 page chapters which engage your mind on one attribute at a time patience, wrath, love, etc He who cannot do what he will and perform all his pleasure cannot be God. This book attributex thought provoking truths, of he majesty of God, to contemplate and think deeply about.

If you want to grow in humility study the nature and character of the God of the Holy Scriptures. Jul 20, Angie added it.


Do not be contented by thinking you have already fled to Christ. Let us amplify this point. Pink invites readers to discover the truth about seventeen attributes of God, including his sovereignty, immutability, patience, love, faithfulness, and much more. This was openly displayed when God became incarnate and tabernacled among men.

He is worthy of implicit confidence. To continue browsing while you are listening to the free MP3 audio books or sermonsor watching the free videoson this page, click on the small speaker iconor the 12pt video icon to the right of the title to open Sermonaudio’s MP3 or video player in a separate window.

Here then is abundant cause for trust and patience under Divine affliction. W.w.pink most extensive ideas that a finite mind can frame about Divine love, are infinitely below its true nature. If God were inHuenced by the abject misery of leprous sinners, He would cleanse and save all of them.

Atributele lui Dumnezeu – Arthur W. He has faithfully diagnosed the terrible state which sin has produced. For God to be unfaithful would be to act contrary to His nature, which were impossible: And surely this is the least that attributtes be asked for from those who have been recipients of such bounty.

Pink Online in Romania: His divine ardor is not gushiness. This is more fixed on as an epithet to His name than any other. Pink -The Attributes of God The sovereignty of God may be defined as the exercise of His supremacy—see preceding chapter. Fourthly, because of the exalted position which has been assigned them: God the Son is the only channel of Grace. Everything about God is great, vast, incomparable.

It was the verse, Proverbs I’d place it right under Mere Christianity by C. And we proclaim an enthroned God, and His right to do as He wills with His own, to dispose of His creatures as He thinks well, without consulting them in the matter; then it is that we are hissed and execrated, and then it is that men turn a deaf ear to us, for God on His throne is not the God they love.


But seeing that Tatributes is dothed with omnipotence, no prayer is too hard for Him to answer, no need too great for Him to supply, no passion too strong for Him to subdue; no temptation too yod for Him to deliver from, no misery too deep for Him to relieve. He only is independently, infinitely, immutably holy.

The Attributes of God

Well may He command us to bless them that curse us, who Himself does good to the evil and unthankful. Brethren, do we in our sermons preach on this solemn subject as much as we ought?

Let it not be overlooked that the angels which sinned 2 Peter 2: This is an excellent read!! Aug 13, Liberty rated it it was amazing Shelves: Search Advanced Search Search Tips. If the creature was not mutable by nature, it would not be a creature; it would be God. It is His abundant mercy which begat them unto an eternal inheritance 1 Peter 1: What a curb this would be unto us, did we but meditate upon it more frequently!

The natural situation of the water is to be above the earth, because it is lighter, and to be immediately under the air, because it isheavier. How vain would be the eternal counsels, if power did not step in to execute them.