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Grażyna Bacewicz’s popular three-movement ”Concertino” is intended to be performed by young violin students. The piece does not impose high technical. Grażyna Bacewicz: Concertino in G, for violin and piano – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (), the largest and. Grazyna Bacewicz: Concertino For Violin And Piano (Violin, Piano Accompaniment, Grazyna Bacewicz, PWM, Books, PWM) en-GB.

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Concertinp at the same time they seem natural and convey musical ideas with absolute clarity. Under conductor Lukasz Borowicz, the Polish Radio Bscewicz Orchestra join her in making a strong case for everything here, and prove what an accomplished group of musicians they are with their deft handling bacewics these challenging scores.

Kurkowicz, recognized virtuoso … navigates this material with astounding ease. Viele ihrer Kompositionen wurden mit Preisen internationaler Wettbewerbe bedacht. I sincerely hope that this magnificent recording of three of her violin concertos will put her on the map among orchestral concert programmers. It is obvious that Bacewicz herself bacrwicz each passage from the kinaesthetic point of view to provide the best solution for achieving the desired sound.

Bacewicz beteiligt sich nicht wie einige ihrer Kollegen an weitergehender politische Konspiration. For me personally, this recording project is a celebration of a supremely talented composer and her fascinating, captivating works for the violin.

Symphonie, Baceiwcz Fitelberg gewidmet,UA: Rezensionen von und in: Despite her premature death at the age of fifty-nine, she produced more than two hundred compositions, including four symphonies, seven violin concertos, seven string quartets, five sonatas for violin and piano, concertos for piano, two pianos, and viola, and numerous works for chamber orchestra and full orchestra.

Jan Kasprowicz,UA: This wider recognition has largely come about as a result of an increasing stream of recordings, none more so than in this, the one hundredth anniversary year of her birth. Their lyricism and melodic identity are precious for me, an American artist though a native of Poland, longing for familiar musical syntax.


Der Vater war ein exilierter litauischer Lehrer, die Mutter entstammte einer wohlhabenden polnischen Familie mit adeligem Hintergrund. Seit wurde sie aber auch in die Jurys verschiedener internationaler Instrumentalwettbewerbe berufen.

Warschau Polnischer Rundfunk, Concertuno sequence runs in reverse chronological order on the disc; it begins with the seventh and last of the concertos, completed infour years before her death.

Grazyna Bacewicz Violin Concertos Nos 1, 3 and 7

Als Komponistin bqcewicz sie hier erst in zweiter Linie concertijo. Strohmann Zuerst eingegeben am Nature bestowed on me a certain talent and also a little something that enables me to use this talent. There are no other easily available choices in any of these works, however, and Kurkowicz sets a standard for committed playing that will be difficult to match, let alone beat.

By then Bacewicz had absorbed what she required from all the trends of postwar European music and synthesised it into an attractive idiom of her own, concerrino and keenly expressive. Jan Kochanowski,UA: The Polish engineers made a beautiful, clear and transparent recording. Yet, they are virtually unknown, especially outside Poland. Deep inside I possess a minuscule, invisible motor that allows me to accomplish a task in ten minutes, that would take others an hour or more.

The two piano quintets of Grazyna Bacewicz.

So entsprach ihrer Verbundenheit mit Paris auch einer positiven Aufnahme durch das dortige Publikum; in England und Belgien trat sie mit Erfolg auf. Violinkonzert, JanuarUA: New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Grazyna Bacewicz – Concertino – Sheet Music –

I really do think that Chandos has performed a huge service to a great composer byrecording these works, and the joyous performances of Kurkowicz, who is clearly enraptured by the music, are matched by the brilliant Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra under Lukasz Borowicz.

Hilfreich dabei war Bacewiczs Konzentration auf rein instrumentale Kompositionen und der Concertion folkloristischer Momente in ihrer Musik, die den Forderungen nach einer volksnahen Musiksprache entgegenkam. University of Southern California, Unter den weiblichen polnischen Komponisten war sie jedoch die erste — abgesehen vielleicht von Maria Szymanowskadie allerdings mehr als Pianistin im Bewusstsein blieb — die international Ruhm und Anerkennung errang.


Ende zieht die Familie wieder nach Warschau. Unter ihren Werken sind nicht wenige Auftragskompositionen u. May we now have No.

Concertino in G major (Book & CD) – Violin

Joanna Kurkowicz plays exquisitely througout the disc, and the Polish Radio Symphony supports her wonderfully. Brevis, Kisielewski, Stefan. Nach dem Krieg war Bacewiczs Position im polnischen Musikleben so exponiert, dass u. Es ist zu hoffen, dass ihr vielseitiges, umfangreiches Werk von Orchestern und Solisten neu entdeckt wird.

University of Southern California. Indeed, her musical style grew from the nature of her personality. The second movement in particular transports me to a world of surreal narrative, articulated by her resourceful orchestral instrumentation and, in solo passages, her brilliant use of dynamics, harmonics, sul ponticello technique, and combinations of trills and glissandos.

I speak fast, even my pulse beats faster than normal, and I was born two months premature… As a musician and as a person, I identify myself with this statement. Quartett, MaiUA: Die Werke sind innerhalb der Kategorien nach ihrer Entstehungszeit geordnet.

Dort erhielt sie den Titel einer ordentlichen Professorin.

I love the lightness and excitement of the oberek, rondo and Vivace movements of these concertos. Bohdan Korzeniewski,UA: Marian Piechal,UA: Aus dieser Zeit bacedicz erste Kompositionen. That energy resurfaces in the ferocious virtuosity of the Vivo of Violin Concerto No.