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Tristana from Benito Pérez Galdós () is a subversive novel that takes a sly look at the power structure in the relationships of its three. NYRB Classics has just reissued Tristana, an novel by the great Spanish author Benito Pérez Galdós. Critic Juan Vidal says Tristana’s. Review by Tynan Kogane Why is Benito Pérez Galdós considered a very important nineteenth-century novelist if no one reads him anymore?.

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The two lovers take their romantic afternoon walks together; they share both their tragic backgrounds and romantic dreams of life and art.

Yet she can never follow through on any attempt at independence, even with others trying to help her accomplish it.

At this point his treatment of her becomes kinder and more respectful, as he is forced to take her wishes and thoughts ;erez account. This sounds absolutely great, slippery yet well written. January 19, at Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers.

beniho I didn’t know this famous spanish writer from the XIX century. After spending much of his money helping an old friend and his wife through hard times, he assumes guardianship of their daughter when both parents die. Perhaps she’ll write, paint, learn other languages. To put it in my own words, I want to be married to myself and to be my own head of the household.

Ma ben presto, diffondendosi con rapidi Sulle intermittenze delle relazioni amorose. She winds up a literally and figuratively broken woman. As recently asfew of his works were available translated to English, although he has slowly become popular in the Anglophone world.

Consequently, his thoughts color my own quite a bit as you can see: In fact, this book is surprisingly almost modern in its sensibilities. It has definitely become a favorite of mine. I read it almost right after finishing the novel, and now I cannot unread it.


Even Horacio, the artist who disregards conventional morality by taking Tristana as his lover, remains bound by the desire for conformity. In one of her letters to Horacio, Tristana summarizes many beliefs she expresses over the course of the novel: So perfectly does she capture the perfumed, slightly fusty cadence of late 19th-century literature, that it would be almost i The Marvelous Margaret Jull Costa Before saying anything about this particular book, I want to raise my hat to the marvelous translator Margaret Jull Costa.

Tristana follows the trials and tribulations of the youthful, orphaned Tristana and the two lovers in her life. Indeed, he could be termed a predator.

An Aging Rake, An Ingenue, And A Strapping Young Painter In ‘Tristana’

Illusions sharpen the knife-edge of realism. Oct 16, Irene rated it liked it. February 6, at The only thing that interested me was the detail of the amputated leg. Unable to obtain freedom, Tristana invests all of her galos in love, or what she thinks might resemble love. A fascinating novel certain to spark many different reactions.

I genito his style: He uses allusions to mythology, literature, and the arts to convey the manner in which the characters are trapped by culture and history. Erano felici, l’uno e l’altra?

Tristana by Benito Pérez Galdós | His Futile Preoccupations

And then she finds a younger lover. There is also benuto a lot of gentle humour, and some linguistic invention which must have presented a challenge to the translator. Galdos examines the theme of liberty and seems to conclude, perhaps with some disillusionment at the results of the Revolution ofthat the individual is responsible for his or her own actions and achievement of personal freedom; by implication, he rejects the idea of collective social tristzna.

No quiero ser su yristana, tipo innoble, la hembra que mantienen algunos individuos para que les divierta, como un perro de caza; ni tampoco que el hombre de mis ilusiones se me convierta en marido. The Edwin Mellen Press, galfos found it to be a wonderful book full of Galdosian ambiguity and irony.


This novel of a woman struggling to free herself from her confining domestic status consists mainly of the protagonist’s introspections. Instead of draining our happiness to the dregs, what we need now is some difficulty, some tiny crumb of misfortune. All these questions are left unanswered and can really be off-putting.

So the reader closes the book, asking questions. I made it a little more than half way through this book and benuto could not finish. Sadly, many of the shitload of books he wrote have never been translated or are hard to find. He literally gives the shirt off his back to needy friends and family.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

The first part of the book tells that story, much as I’ve briefed it above. December 7, at 1: But, back to the book: Paperbackpages. Don Lop In his “Introduction” to this novel Jeremy Treglown wonders if the title and the character’s name isn’t meant to suggest sadness.

And he wants Tristana. That’s plot you could read on the back cover, so I don’t feel I’ve terribly spoiled anything. Jun 17, Deny rated it really liked it Shelves: It is a curious mixture – a classic novel in style ggaldos some rather modern attitudes, especially for a book written in the nineteenth century.

How do you read and think about a so-called major writer whose literary reputation in the English-speaking world is either nonexistent, buried within academia, or the confusing punch line of a complicated joke?

You are commenting using your WordPress. Their tridtana develops and unfolds at a giddy, breakneck speed, fueled by the mushy vernacular of soap operas: