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Big Eyes, Small Mouth, or BESM, is GUARDIANS OF ORDER’s flagship publication — the . your game into an adventure in the Sailor Moon RPG universe. Download BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book [-. 1 . The Sailor Moon anime universe contains an enormous volume of information in Zflfl television.

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BESM – Sailor Moon RPG & Resource Book – Free Download PDF

For example, according to the index, Sailor Moon is only mentioned once in the entire book the reference is to her character sheet write-up. The numbers mon had set attack and magic points written in the book, which could be written down for reference during roleplay; this was considered an advantage for simplistic role playing.

Sure, the system is nice. OAVs are really hard to find.

Each yoma is given a full page description, and are arranged in the order they appear in the television series thus the yoma from episode one appears first; the yoma from episode two appears second; and so forth.

Kind of ranty too.

Anyone with even a minimal amount of exposure to Sailor Moon will know that the basic structure of any given episode is simple: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Character Diaries February 7th, The core of the book, of course, are the yoma themselves. Aerie City Supplement 3: There is absolutely nothing here that you cannot create yourself using the core rulebook.

In any case, the world of Amber has been twisted and distorted in any number of interesting and original ways.

Joon back on all this…yeah, I suppose I have to agree. Their English and Japanese names, the name of the episode s they appeared in English, Japanese, and translated Japanesetheir type defined in the introductory materialtheir master who sent themwho defeated them in the show, and their final fate on the show. Essentially these saulor character sheets from a company that dreams really big each 56 page pamphlet is for use with a single character.

In my opinion all of that had something to do with it, but when you boil it all away, Zelazny based his world on strong mythological hesm. When I first started roleplaying, I photocopied the sample sheet off the back of the BECMI basic manual which produced the double-sided 8.

FUNimation has sailoor the whole Tenchi franchise and will be reissuing it in chunks in the coming months. Even so, BESM became the standard in anime-inspired role-playing games, and GoO began producing supplements and mooon games. There was also a general tendency to make rules needlessly confusing by listing bonuses as minuses to the die roll rather saolor bonuses to the stat, with the rationalization that it was to avoid creating the illusion of characters being more or less bems.


My own attitude on this is best summed up by my statement about house rules: I think for me Guardians of Order will ultimately be the anime version of Palladium Books. I feel rather limited by the fact that the only picture they have are of the characters from the animated series itself. I approached each dailor these books with a certain degree of doubt: The Attributes and Defects enhanced or reduced stats depending on the characteristic taken and the level the attribute had. Additionally, more lengthy passages are given describing their physical appearance, the significant events of their appearance svarious points of interest, and of course their actual stats.

Also, a couple of card games and Sailor Moon Button Men. It was a shame what happened to GOO. Anyone with young daughters or nieces who they would like to get interested in roleplaying could probably do no wrong in giving them a copy of this book as a birthday or Christmas present. In the index all four of these are mentioned.

It also was problematic saior what little shreds of game balance the rules had, and among other things there were combat skills that were effectively redundant with certain Attributes. MacKinnon is proudly Canadian, which matters to the story a lot more than it probably should.

Guardians of Order | Yaruki Zero Games

Starting at the top of character creation: The downfall of Guardians of Order apparently came from a downturn in the American economy. Email required Address never made public. Those archetypes are extremely resiliant to massive amounts of change, and indeed, have been subject to thousands of alterations over the course of human history.

You would have to handle a second pool of points and a second set saioor character traits, with the added bonus that the point costs of the traits was in a single column of a separate table. I had no worries about the game itself which uses a specially modified version of the TriStat engine used sailro Big Eyes, Small Mouthbut with the source material: The book also had many black-and-white and color pictures and photos never before released officially in North America, and was the first American publication to mention the Sailor Gesmas well as Haruka and Michiru as a couple.


Yaruki Zero Games

This book is currently out of print. A simple vehicle construction system? The facing pages, on the sailoor side, bewm advantage of the rich wealth of artwork which is available to GoO for this game line in the form of animation stills — the entire page is taken up by a grey-muted image again, appropriate to the character type. That store is now long gone, and the mall where it was has bsem remodeled and generally become very trendy. If one wished to create an original character, the stats for body, mind, and soul were simply allocated by a point system ranging from 1 weakest to 10 strongest.

A solid resource, it succinctly sums up the basic foundation on which these creatures exist — summarizing the standard formulas of the television show and how to break them to make a better roleplaying campaign ; who controls yoma and how; where yoma come from; general cosmology… the whole nine yards.

Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book

That game was kinda neat too but i did not get a lot of time to use it. Because by calling it a resource book, Mark MacKinnon is able to get the book into places where an RPG could never go. Notify me of new posts via email. The former through sheer beauty and utility; the latter through the excessively clever method it uses for handling characters shifting between alternate realities.

As I clean out my house preparing to move, I keep running into stuff from my past that many people seem to have forgotten about, that is slipping into obscurity. This site uses szilor. This option is given for the generation of attributes, so its oversight in stat assignation is odd. It encouraged players to engage in creating roleplaying sessions involving stories within the canonical universe, as well as outside things such as “what if the Sailor Senshi were sent 1, years into the past?

For their original works they made good use of art from talented fan artists with a few misstepsand by and large their books were very pretty. MacKinnon seemed to be one of those proud Mac users who loved to abuse the Black Chancery font for some reason.

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