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Comments. I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I read about which you can read here: % 20Diets% Blood group B is, according to D’Adamo, the nomad, associated with a strong immune system and a flexible digestive system. technology have helped rebuild and normalize the bodily systems so they can function (internet search: “Biotype Diets ”). Generally. Characterizing Neurotrophic Systems in the Primate Amygdala That are Relevant to Reward Learning Capacity in Binge Eating Disorder.

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Unfortunately, this topic is another example of a comparatively “new” theory being shouted down by members of the academic establishment who have a vested interest in preserving the conventional wisdom on which they have based their life’s work. If writing an article from scratch is deemed preferable for some reason http: This article is full of red herrings and non-falsifiable claims bioytpe a variety of critics with their own agendas to further.

I wanted to add more onto this page In Dr. Does the blood type diet really work. So, here we see that even with only 1 study, we can start to make the inferences about blood type based nutrition that D’Adamo has made after reading thousands and performing his own independent tests.

Oz, is an American-Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon who has a ‘little light reading for all.

The following response to the direct questions assumes that it was. None of which negates the theory biotyp question. Someone might want to look into the claim “the book is a self-published” showing on page XV of the ER4RBT Encyclopedia ‘Acknowledgements’ show all the party’s involved in the publishing of the book, giving the claim that ER4RBT is a book that is a self-published is not factual.


I searched Wikipedia to find information on blood type diets because I read about them in a magazine, but I could not find anything except this article. My suspicion is that those are easier to cut out than they are to refute.

There really is no way to scientifically to prove or disprove Blood Type Diet theory but I will point out some problems I have with it. We need secondary Reliable Sources with scientific data, not a totally unsupported claim that futhers D’Adamo’s interest.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1

As to your claim that, “It’s the usual defense of quacks all over the world to say that only someone who has studied the same subjects as them is qualified to evaluate their biotye I couldn’t agree more. There is considerable supporting data. Although it has the ring of the scientist, the facts are incorrect.

However, I’m not prepared to spend time and energy trying to reverse this decision as I doubt it will be easy. There used to be a much longer article on the blood type diet or diets on Wikipedia, but it was summarily deleted by OrangeMike on the basis of ‘blatant advertising’.

There are better ways to phrase it. She has two books due sometime in D’Adamo has successfully rebutted those criticisms on his own site here: This is clearly an education problem. So diers there are some studies, all of the “opinion” citations need to go. D’Adamo’s peers within the naturopathic medical profession have been largely positive, with many other naturopathic physicians replicating his results, presenting favourable results at conferences, publishing case reports and practise guidelines in their peer reviewed journals that incorporate his work, and the inclusion of his work in both the academic textbooks and university curricula of naturopathic medical programs.

I feel like there’s a degrading tone towards naturopaths there. This significantly biases the article in favor of D’Adamo despite significant valid criticisms of the diet.


I think Wikipedia should systm have an article on blood type diets, but this article as it is now is not what I have in mind.

Talk:Blood type diet/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

I see Laura Power ‘PhD’ http: The diet recommends that this blood group eat a higher protein diet. The conclusion is unavoidable: Furthermore, there is no proof that nomads “thrive” on dairy products. I agree that the references to critics in the first paragraph do not prove a syatem and should be replaced by some solid print sources.

Please do improve the article! I need a serious article with lots of information and explaining why blood type diets is pseudoscience.

Clearly, that’s their opinion, and they are welcome to it, but I could just as equally state that based on only the one recent study on cardiovascular disease risk and blood groups cited supra, it is quite likely more important for group A individuals and less important for group O individuals to adhere to the principles of a cardioprotective diet plant-based proteinswhich is reflected in D’Adamo’s recommendations. More remarkable is that this section is exclusively material in favor of the ABO diet and five of the six items listed are by D’Adamo, himself.

The blood type diet is not only a eating but also an exercise regime, which encourages the diets of our ancestors, configuring to their blood type and advises adhesion to their habits for optimum health. As to your claim that there is “no serious data showing that this might work,” I would refer you to the easily searchable database of case reports that D’Adamo has published directly to his website in a searchable format here: