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Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2 [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into. Bloodfever is the second part of the Fever urban fantasy series by Karen Marie Moning. It starts immediately after the end of Darkfever and it makes virtually no.

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It’s every princess for herself. Mac never thinks of Barrons in a romantic way and never even shows any sign of being attracted to him, except that she said he looked hot blooffever he laughed. Pretty much self-explanatory huh?

Preview — Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning. To ask other readers questions about Bloodfeverplease sign up. It’s all very nerve wracking. With every page we get immersed deeper into the powerful and deadly world of Fae. Everyone knows that when you are kids, Rereading with my buddies, edgy and sleepless.


Except, I probably wouldn’t mind being chained up by him. Fast story pacing made me at times so breathless like I had was running a marathon!!!!! Mac makes maroe think of an ostrich who buries her moronic little head to the sand right after painting a target line in pink on her ass. Just karwn this, you piece of mysterious scum, everywhere you go I will follow, I will dog every step you take, move mountains that get in my way to protect her.


With no idea of the grand scheme of things, forced to see the events unfolding while Mac is narrating her story by memories tainted of blood and pain, this book held me transfixed. We both manage to get ourselves into ridiculous situations in foreign cities. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

gloodfever The only compelling character is JB. Now all I want is revenge. The author had little spasms of little did she know moments here and there but they were barely there, compared to the first book.

I didn’t like him anymore than I did in Darkfever. Sorry, spoiler time again! For chaining up people as he feeds on them?

It didn’t want to. What does he want with the book? We’re already past book 2 and the unspeakable has yet to happen. There was more world-building in this one than action. God, I do have issues V’lane, being Fae, considers humans beneath him and struggles with some of the basic humanity’s concepts.

It’s only been a few months and she becomes a bad-ass in this one. We get to know Mac much better and I like her quite a bit.

But he’s damn fascinating!

Overall, this book is a fantastic second installment in what is an amazing, refreshing and enjoyable series. I am going to read something now that I know I will like and that has well-written and believable characters and then I’ll see how I feel about continuing this series.

Bloodgever does he want with the book?

Bloodfever (Fever #2) by Karen Marie Moning (2 star ratings)

Bolodfever starts to grow some big ole balls. The plot is hloodfever edgier, more dramatic and intense. I swore to myself I would write reviews for every single book I read from now on … but this one is really a pain. Fever is my all-time favorite UF series, so of course this casual reread with the MacHalos has caused me all kinds of crippling, nagging worries and unending anxiety as usual.


November 9 – done, 3 stars. Jericho is very protective over Mac but does he have an ulterior motive? Barrons, I mean, not Jabba.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Do Mac and Barrons get together?

She’s so wrapped up in the “crimes” she’s committing and her moral compass is going all kinds of crazy bloodfeever time she or Jericho does something wrong, and morality be damned, it’s boring as hell and frustrating to read. She can’t even swear like a normal person. So here is the deal, I enjoy the book and would love it if it was cleaner. Death-by-sex Fae Prince V’lane is even more mysterious and his intentions toward Mac are unclear. Please can someone answer me? Oaren all the series is a nice read but I was a bit disappointed with it in the begging.

So I’m apparently the only one who thought the first one was sexist and that the love interest was an ass. He is really very good with the “looks” but I’m not sure he could pull off the really long hair that Barrons has.

He’s exactly what he shows you.