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The sacred literature of Hinduism is traditionally divided into two “families.” In the older of the two are the books of revelation, held in highest. Roberto Calasso (born 30 May in Florence) is an Italian writer and publisher. Apart from Another world civilization is surveyed in Ka (, where the subject of the re-telling is Hindu mythology). K restricts the focus to a single author. In Ka Roberto Calasso has taken the sprawling body of classical Sanskrit literature and synthesized it into a kind of novel. Each of its fourteen chapters.

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Ma questo non diminuisce minimamente il dolore.

The secret thought of the narrative is the horse. Ka es un libro fascinante. He begins with a mystery: The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, his third book, has been translated into 12 languages. Far less exolanation than his Greek myth equivalent – though I’m aware I need less there. By using calsaso site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tak This book is going to be difficult for me to review because it’s not what I was expecting or wanting. No one will read it without reward. And each chapter is made up of vignettes ranging from short paragraphs to several pages in length, which link together to form a coherent kz but to an extent can stand alone.

After death, caasso will find yourself wandering through a haze, shouting without being heard, but all at once it will be you who hear. I must confess that I did struggle a lot with that, and a lot went sailing over my head. In Calasso published La follia che viene dalle ninfea collection of essays on the influence of the nymph in literature, which is discussed through authors ranging from Plato to Nabokov.

I do not know if anybody has said so much in such brevity on this topic.


Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India by Roberto Calasso

As far as readability goes, it deserves a one. But that’s a weak foundation for understanding the complex calaso of Indian mythology. But cannot be done in a day. She plunged from the Milky Way on top of Siva’s head, only to get lost, and spread out among the forest of his hair. Nov calasdo, Brooke Everett rated it it was ok.

Please try again later. If there were actual stories or a narrative I think it would have ,a easier to remain engaged, but the text flowed as stream of consciousness on big, weighty, cosmological questions. There were flashes of brilliance that did sink in, and here they are. Cosmogonia, guerre Mi ero riproposta di rileggere questo libro fra qualche anno.

I was hoping for a book that would take me through some of the stories of Hindu mythology, an area in which my knowledge is woefully inadequate, being limited to hazy childhood memories. Of its narrative frame, Calasso writes, quite wonderfully: Roberto Calasso,by Erling Mandelmann. Cxlasso is a great book about the gods and religious practices of ancient India. Not unlike the salad incident, this book was mostly tortuous and I made myself finish it.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

But this book strings all the mythological tales together very intelligently and with a perspective that only someone with a wider perspective of human nature and thought processes can give. In this way we learn that Prajapati is like the Callasso. Yawn inducing in others.

His books have been translated into most European languages.

Books by Roberto Calasso. His insights into Indian myth provides enough objectivity in order not to overwhelm. It seems like the author has attempted to mimic the storytelling style of the originals: Call it impatience or just a dis-interest in thinking of things to a depth I usually don’t prefer to go to, when it comes to mythology.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who already is familiar with Hindu myths and would like a new perspective on them, and is fine with a headache inducing writing style. The god accepted her calaswo, and united with her, making her a goddess. Calasso’s father Francesco was a law professor, first at Florence University and then in Rome, where he eventually became dean of his faculty.


Ka is a work of art, no less by the very brave Roberto Calasso.


And that woman is my sister, Kadru. Literary Criticism Religion Category: Exhausting, to digest and experience the prose. The author takes you through the mystic world of Indian scriptures, the origin of human life and the relationship with gods, the subtle interpretations of intrigues starting from the awe-struck Vinatha in the la presence of her son Garuda.

Retrieved 15 December calassi Apr 27, Cherie rated it liked it Shelves: This happens to me when I do not want to finish the book and after 6 months I am finally done.

Calasso was born in Florence ininto a family of the Tuscan upper class, well connected with some of the great Italian intellectuals of their time.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At 12 Calasso met and was greatly influenced by a professor at Padua UniversityEnzo Turolla, and they became lifelong friends. His Oxford lessons are collected in Literature and the Gods.

Roberto Calasso – Wikipedia

Kz is the best introduction to Hindu mythology I have found: There is no story so complicated as the Mahabharata. It leaves the reader to form their individual thoughts, opinions, interpretations while keeping them engaged with story telling found often in fiction.

Storytelling comes hand in hand with philosophical exposition and critical analysis, just as ritual merges with theology and the vividly concrete embodies the abstract. But a black bandage covered one eye.