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Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, Camilo José Cela has long El Viaje a la Alcarria or Journey to the Alcarria is one of the best books I ever read. Information on Journey to the Alcarria by Camilo José Cela. A famous travel book by Camilo José Cela where his offers his impressions Viaje a la Alcarria. Title: Viaje a LA Alcarria. Publisher: Espasa-Calpe SA, España. Publication Date: Binding: Rustica. Book Condition: Como Nuevo. About this title.

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Si viajar es salir de uno mismo y dejar la querencia para llenarse de lo desconocido, en la mochila el viajero lleva mucho espacio libre. Portal for the promotion of Spanish culture. View all 29 comments. Paperbackpages. Jan 24, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: Travel planner Save time and effort. And while it’s told in third person, Cela states in the preface that he’s aiming for a kind of literary realism akin to ‘geography’ based precisely on his time in the Alcarria, so we’re getting a similar ontological conviction to that of Lerner’s.

It goes without saying, naturally, that the traveller goes via Casasana.

Viaje a La Alcarria/ The Trip to Alcarria : Camilo Jose Cela Conde :

Pastrana owes their recovery to the writer. Trivia About Journey to the Al Interactive map All cultural resources at a glance. But, the dialogue was so cryptic that it was sometimes difficult to tell if the traveler was a decent fellow or a snob. Published January 21st by Atlantic Monthly Press first published Open Preview See a Problem? View all 4 comments. I felt that Cela really captured the beauty and atmosphere of the countryside.

Mar 13, Travelling Sunny rated it it was ok Shelves: Interesting to read along with Laurie Lee’s Spanish walk between the wars; this is a people closed in and reserved but not unkind.

Viaje A LA Alcarria

An unsettled man, Cela covered in his well-trodden journeys much of Spain, leaving a testament to his experiences in books such as this. He made This travelogue really appealed to me.


Regardless, a highly recommended flaneur experience. I downloaded this the night before setting joee for a four-day trip to the province of Guadalajara. The protagonist is a traveller actually Cela himself although he only mentions his name once or twice who leaves home and travels through Alcarria a largely rural region ,a of Madrid. Maybe it’s because, even though they don’t realize it very clearly, a third-class passenger would always be glad to change places with another, even if the other were third-class too.

Found a copy online HERE!

A cqmilo boring travelogue about a rather boring guy who went on a rather boring adventure. Return to Book Page. Jan 21, Simon rated it liked it. Hypnotic passages, like Sebald, where the figures and landscapes fuse into single forms radiant with the familo of history.

Uncrowded, it is picturesque and rugged, well watered and fertile in the valleys. Share Add to favourites. En Cela, no faltan, sin embargo, la ternura, la luz y el abejorro que provoca la sonrisa del hambriento.

The old man sits down in the ditch and the traveler lies on his back and looks up at some little clouds, graceful as doves, which are floating in the sky. And the walking–I would love to take a trip like this, though Cela picked an area without many walkers.

Journey to the Alcarria is quiet and unassuming, observant and beautiful. He is, however, less kind with animals. But that is not where we went. Moranchel is on the left of the Cifuentes road, at some two hundred paces from the highway. Mar 24, Peter Charles rated it it was amazing.

Journey to the Alcarria: Travels through the Spanish Countryside by Camilo José Cela

After I finished the book, I found out that he had written this book shortly after the second World War and Spanish civil war alcarrla an attempt to capture a part of Spain that was starting to disappear. No trivia or quizzes yet. Leaves the reader to draw his own conclusions; the author simply takes each road and peasant or traveling salesman as he finds them.


Original title Viaje a la Alcarria. Written in the third person, the book tells us nothing about its celq history, his political views, or much alcarriz the family that he mentions in the first chapter are not given names or personalities, they are left behind as Cela sets out and not mentioned again.

As an old photograph, taken on a picnic somewhere, perhaps, unwittingly reveals so much of vjaje customs, dress and attitude of the times, so his observations give the reader a vivid picture of what the Spanish countryside and the people who inhabited it were like at that time.

Topics In this section you can search among all our contents by topic to find the different resources available in Spain, such as museums, routes, destinations, monuments and many, many more. A stork flies past, not very high, with a snake in its beak. He wrote about a walking tour he took inonly 6 years after the end of the Spanish Civil War, in an area north-east of Madrid.

The traveler wanders the Spanish territory of Alcarria. En aquel vergel rural saqueado por la voracidad de las guerras, el antagonista se viste de miseria, fealdad y sufrimiento. On the net Search this work on the net. This is a great book to read when feeling absolutely drained.

Viaje a La Alcarria/ The Trip to Alcarria

Readers are given virtually no information about the protagonist Cela or his intentions in wandering the countryside, but instead are taken along for the trip. Lo siguiente que queda Realmente excepcional. The Alcarria is a territory in New Castile, northeast of Madrid, surrounding most of the Guadalajara province.

Very quiet book of observations and descriptions during a trek through the Spanish countryside in the mids.