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The Chalder fatigue scale is widely used to measure physical and mental fatigue in chronic fatigue syndrome patients, but the constructs of the scale have not. Previous validation studies of the Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFS) suffer methodological shortcomings. The present study aimed to re-evaluate its. PDF | On Jan 4, , Craig Andrew Jackson and others published The Chalder Fatigue Scale (CFQ 11).

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Bayesian structural equation modeling: Model fit was evaluated via the criteria of the following goodness-of-fit indices [ 27 ]: Less strength in muscles 1.

Prevalence of chronic fatigue among Chinese adults in Hong Kong: Afari N, Buchwald D. Assessment of fatigue among working people: From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper. The authors have no competing interests to report. Five variables, namely gender, age, exercise, perceived health, and life event, were added to the ESEM model as model covariates. The discrepancy can be attributed to the methodological inadequacies of previous validation studies and differences in analytic methods exploratory factor modeling versus principal component analysis and oblique geomin rotation versus orthogonal varimax rotation.

The global score also spans two dimensions—physical fatigue measured by items 1—7 and psychological fatigue measured by items 8— Ngand S. The ESEM model has been shown to chalxer a better model fit and unbiased interfactor correlations [ 1718 ].

More on this topic The psychological and physiological health effects of fatigue. Sleep disturbance was measured using the item Chinese Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index [ 21 ], which assesses seven components on a 4-point scale. Depressive disorder Sleep Wake Disorders Mental association. Exploratory factor analysis estimates the cross-loadings and results in more realistic factor structure.


Principal component analysis does not distinguish shared variance from unique variance [ 11 ] and is a biased estimator in factor analysis [ 12 ]. The CFS was originally perceived as comprising two subscales that evaluate fatigue in the physical and mental domains. A Randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavior therapy for multiple sclerosis fatigue.

Introduction Chronic fatigue is a symptom commonly reported by patients in primary care practice and by the general population, with prevalence of Exploratory structural equation modeling of personality data.

Chalder fatigue scale

Exhaustion was assessed using the 5-item subscale of the item Chinese Maslach Burnout Inventory [ 22 ]. Published online Feb Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. This scale measures health-related quality of life by physical and mental component scores, with a scoring range of 0— and higher scores indicating a better quality of life.

The relationship between chronic fatigue scxle somatization syndrome: Factor 4 was correlated with interview and self-rated measures of depression. Regarding the factor structure of the CFS, a two-factor structure was originally proposed [ 4 ]. Evaluating the use of exploratory factor analysis in psychological research. Hard to find the correct word.

Exploratory structural equation modeling: Fong Sleep medicine The associations between the CFS factors and the covariates are presented in Fig. Although they claimed to successfully replicate the original two-factor structure by showing a superior model fit for the latter model, the second-order scalf model with only two first-order factors was actually statistically unidentified and addition of a second-order factor should not result in a decrease in model Chi-square. A practical solution to the pervasive problems of p values.

A general population survey. Fwtigue M, Chalder T.

chalder fatigue scale

A Chinese sample of community-dwelling residents completed the item Chinese CFS and a variety of health measures anxiety, depression, exhaustion, sleep disturbance, and quality of life. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.


Skip to search form Skip to main content. Conclusion The results demonstrate the satisfactory reliability and convergent validity for the three-factor structure of the CFS as a valid measure of fatigue symptoms in the general population. Model sxale were carried out using the robust maximum likelihood estimator. A more flexible representation of substantive theory. HoEric T. Is the standard SF health survey valid and equivalent for a Chinese population?

Confirmatory factor analysis and reliability of the Chinese version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory among guidance teachers in Hong Kong. This debilitating syndrome is associated with significant disability in the functioning capacity of the cognitive and psychosocial domains [ 3 ]. Exploratory structural equation modeling of personality T. An integration of the best features of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

The need for a reliable self-completion tool that can measure this subjective condition, either in faatigue clinical cases or in routine day-to-day functioning, has never been greater [ 3 ].

Application of the expected parameter change statistic. For all items, the least symptomatic answers are on the left of the response-set, providing an easy-to-understand checklist for respondents.

The results demonstrate the satisfactory reliability and convergent validity for the three-factor structure of the CFS as a valid measure of fatigue symptoms in the general population.