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BirdLife International Chloephaga picta. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Recommended Citation. Upland Goose (Chloephaga picta), In Neotropical Birds Online (T. S. Schulenberg, Editor). Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, USA. Lesser Magellan Goose (Chloephaga picta picta) Greater Magellan Goose ( Chloephaga picta leucoptera) Magellangans (German) Oie de magellan (French).

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Plumage Adult Male Licta. A greenish-bronze speculum is located on the inner secondary flight feathers of the adult male. This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. Grazing birds, their grass sward of less than 3 inches 7.

Skip to main content. Kelp goose Chloephaga hybrida. Gmelin, JF, Reference: Falklands population basically sedentary, mainland population move to lower latitudes in winter, as far north as Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Central Argentina south to Tierra del Fuego. Upland goose habitat Found in grassy plains, pastures and open mountain slopes, at all altitudes. It may NOT be used within Apps. Which species are on the road to recovery?

Inter-specific Sometimes mixes with Chloephaga rubidiceps – Ruddy-headed goose. Names for non-breeding males or other colour-phases — Return to top of page. Newly-hatched — Return to top of page. Territorial while breeding, but gather for the moult.

Retrieved 26 November Chloephagw Adult Bill Male Black.


Although hunting and habitat destruction are responsible for a continuing decline on the mainland 2 8the species remains widespread and abundant 6. Recommended citation Carboneras, C.

Long-tailed meadowlark Sturnella loyca. Also known as Magellan goose. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: Wings chloehpaga secondary coverts speculum iridescent greensecondaries and lesser coverts white, primaries dark grey.

Similarly, the Falklands population is relatively stable 2. Variations If present Female: Habitat Dry pastures and arable land; also grassy islands and coastal meadows in the Falklands. Suggestion that race leucoptera may be a cryptic species requires molecular study R. Visitors to the Falkland Islands will no doubt be familiar with the upland goose, one of the most conspicuous birds on the island group 3 4.

Chloephaga picta – Upland goose (Species)

However, the Falklands population Chloephaga picta leucoptera represents only one of two subspecies of the upland goose, with the other subspecies C. Established in collections B8. Team WILD, an elite squadron of science superheroes, needs your help! This Anseriformes article is a stub.

Upland goose

Aviculture Information Notes General information: Bird checklists – taxonomy – distribution – maps – links. Oca di Magellano piccola Dutch: The male Falkland upland goose is slightly larger than its mainland counterpart, but in appearance closely resembles the white form, with narrower black barring on the rear flanks.

Retrieved from ” https: Translate Avibase is also available in chloepuaga following languages: Rodents of Unusual Size communitycoypudocumentaryecosystemenvironmentfilmmakerfilmmakinginvasiveinvasive speciesrodentsUSAWetlandswildlife Monday 24 September Wildscreen With – Pocta Hooker: Lonely Planet Publications, London.


D1 Grazing Waterfowl D1. Share on Facebook Tweet Send email. Male Chloephaga picta picta g B3. To make the most of all of HBW’s features, discover our subscriptions now! Underparts, including face and most of neck, plus markings on wings and down sides of back silver-grey darker grey form alsoupperparts including cap and hindneck, and line or patch around eye on face dark brown.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Variations If present — Juvenile Bill Black. Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive. Goslings may be parent incubated and reared if predation is not a problem; the geese may re-lay if they do not incubate their eggs.

Status and conservation Not globally threatened Least Concern. Upland Goose Chloephaga picta. Checklists There are more than 12, regional checklists in Avibase, offered in 9 different taxonomies, including synonyms more than languages. Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features! Although it often breeds nears rivers and streams, and usually occurs near the sea on the Falklands, it is also not uncommon to find the upland goose far from water 2 5.