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Thirty verses proofs – No crucifixion. By Ahmad Deedat. Jesus Christ was neither killed nor was he crucified, as alleged by the Christians and the Jews, but that. The Christian stance on the Crucifixion is that through Jesus’ death and his . Ahmed Deedat was highly regarded for his Christian-Muslim dialogue and public . He believes that late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat supports the Qadiani theory of crucifixion i.e. Jesus Christ (pbuh) was put on the cross but he was brought down .

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Allah is the name of God Almighty in the Semitic languages, i. This was not the time to sit and twiddle thumbs; to be a sitting-duck, cooped up with his disciples in the upper-room!

This lifting of ahmrd and confusion around the position of Jesus as is summarised by the Promised Messiah as stating in his book Jesus in India: Indeed the prevalent orthodox Islamic view, that Jesus as was not placed upon the Cross but rather lifted to the heavens while a substitute took his place, is but one in a range of views of what took place.


Was Christ Crucified? – The Debate between Ahmed Deedat and Josh McDowell

Would you deeedat to tell us about a lower desdat When confronted by the extravagant and conflicting claims of the Jews and the Christians to their exclusive rights to salvation, Allah subha nahu wa-ta aala 1 commands vrucified to demand for proof.

In previous debates with many famous Christian scholars, Shabir Ally had taken the position that Jesus as was never placed upon the Cross, but someone else was crucified in his place. The orthodox view is that Jesus as was lifted bodily to the heavens. Al-Quran The Miracle of Miracles.


Discreetly, crcified as not to frighten his disciples, he introduces the subject of defence. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The Islamic orthodoxy today will have us believe that this is a prophecy about a literal quest that will be undertaken to break all crosses.

The explanation of what this prophecy actually means and alludes to has been given to us in detail by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as and the ongoing fulfilment of this prophecy has been seen in our very lifetimes.

The one released was Jesus Barabbas. He knew from experience that no man can die so soon by crucifixion. A Fact, not FictionJohn Gilchrist, p.

The only purpose crucifued swords or guns is to maim and to kill. If it was so cut and dry, there would not be so many divisions within Christianity itself or in any religion for that matter.

There were at least 14 men at the table count them if you wish and not the unlucky thirteen of Western superstition. There is a certain level of showmanship, even braggadocio that is a bit disconcerting and one notices not what is said but the attitude of the one speaking.

On the one hand, this idea is held to only by the heretical Ahmadiyya sect in Islam and dhrist denounced by all true Christians and Muslims. Supposed to be on the cross for only three hours. Yet he is supposed to be speaking under oath! As against the teaching of the Master Jesus that salvation only comes through keeping of the commandments Mathew It was murder in the first degree, and not redeeming self-sacrifice.

Though there are at the moment crucufied more nominal Christians in the world than the million Muslims, Mr. Another theologian who has written about this idea is German scholar Holger Kersten.


It’s a great to reading. To the Muslim belief that Jesus Christ was “neither killed nor crucified”, the Christian objects, “how can a man Muhummed pbuh a thousand miles away from the scene of a happening, and years after an event, pronounce agmed to what had transpired?

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Observe, Jesus does not take the eight with him to pray.

Their logic is good. His book Masih Hinudstan Men Jesus in India laid the ground work for research that is carrying on to this day, examining evidence around Jesus as travelling to India.

To this end Judas schemed. This event is the central aspect of the Christian doctrine of Atonement, a key Christian belief.

Was Christ crucified?

Jewish Viewpoint The viewpoint of the Israelites at the time of Jesus as was straightforward; had he been put to death on the cross and successfully executed by the Romans, his messianic claims had come to nought. See different advanced ways to search for articles on crucifidd site. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Not a single one defdat the signature, mark or thumb-print of its author in the so-called originals. Paul, there is nothing that Christianity can offer mankind, other than the blood and gore of Jesus.