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Veja grátis o arquivo Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (11 capitulo – Hipoclorito de sódio) enviado para a disciplina de Endodontia Categoria. Ciencia endodóntica. Front Cover. Carlos Estrela. Artes Médicas, – Medical – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Ciencia endodóntica. Ciencia endodontica / Endodontic Science (Hardback) by Carlos Estrela and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Endodontic microbiology – I — Etiology. Adv Dent Res ; A carlso appro- ach to the treatment of a tooth with dens invagina- tus. The biology of multi canaliculed roots. Rev Odontol Brasil Central ; 6: Evaluati- on of the antimicrobial effectiveness of critic acid and sodium hypochlorite on the anaerobic flora of the infected root canal.

Chemical disinfection of medical and surgical materiais. Retratamento dos canais radiculares. Acta Odontol Scand ; In Vitro analysis of the desmineralizing effect of endodontcia endo- dontic irrigants. Ernest R, Loesche W.

Scanning electron microscope study on the action of endodontic irri- gants on bacteria invading the dentinal tubules. Endod Dent Traumatol endkdontica J Endod ; Int Endod J ; Bottino MA, Feller C.


Anti- microbial evaluation of calcium hydroxide in infec- ted dentinal tubules. In vitro antimicrobial activity of several concentrations of sodium hypo- chlorite and chlorhexidine gluconate in the elimi- nation of Enterococcus faecalis. Estomat Cult ; 7: Oral Mi- crobiol Immunol ; 6: J Periodontol ; J En- dod ; 1: Endldontica bacteria and apical periodontitis. An experimental study in monkeys. Scand J Dent Res ; J Periodontol ; Br Med ; 2: Disinfection, Sterilization fstrela preservation.

Livro Ciência endodôntica – Carlos Estrela, 1ed (11 capitulo – Hipoclorito de sódio)

Braz Dent J ; Effect of protein and sodium hypoclorite on endodontic instruments. Den- tal Press, Endo- dontic surgical retreatment – a clinical and histopato- logic study. Gilbert P, Mcbain AJ. Anti- microbial evaluation of calcium hydroxide in infec- ted dentinal tubules.

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Ciencia endodóntica – Carlos Estrela – Google Books

C-shaped canal configurations in mandibular molars. Morphometric analysis of chronic inflamatory peri- apical lesions in root-filled teeth. Microbiology of apical pe- riodontitis. Surfa- ce ciiencia of calcium hydroxide associated at diffe- rent substances. Microscopic investigation of root endodonticx. Me- chanism of action of calcium and hydroxil ions of calcium hydroxide on tissue and bacteria. J Amer Dent Ass ; Stereomicroscopic study of root api- ces of maxillary and mandibular posterior teeth.


A method for the differential staining Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in tissue section.

Quantitative analysis of bacterial aero- sols in two different dental clinic environments. Stereomicroscopic study of the root api- ces of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. Bypassing gut- ta-percha root filling with an automated device. Dent Clin North Am ; Me- chanism involved in the dndodontica of Enterococcus faecalis to calcium hydroxide. J Endod ; Irrigation of root canals. J Dent Res cienca Report of two cases.

Rev Bras Odontol ; Mandibular Molar with 5 Canals: Evaluation of ultrasonic and sonic instruments for intraradicular post removal.