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En La ciudad del crimen Charles Bowden presenta una crónica devastadora de una urbe en pleno colapso. El libro comienza en enero de , cuando una. Ciudad del crimen / Murder City by Charles Bowden, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Get this from a library! La ciudad del crimen: Ciudad Juárez y los nuevos campos de exterminio de la economía global. [Charles Bowden; Julián Cardona] .

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Charles Bowden appears to have looked into the heart of darkness in Juarez and been driven somewhat crazy by it.

One of the great touches of the book is the empathy Xrimen also manages to convey for the Mexican people themselves who want change, they want better things, but find themselves trapped between a criminal apparatus and a corrupt regime.

Much of the book is taken up charlfs the reporter’s rather more literary version of screaming and tearing at his own face, and I agree with the many review Harrowing and hair-raising investigative journalism in a city which lays waste to many who try to uncover its secrets. Murder City is long on description and short on answers, and for good reason. Partly because he loses heart–or rather, he and his assistant Molly Molloy do–and partly because it is impossible.

No matter, get your ass in. The largest city in the region. Bowden chronicles the city’s downfall with the eye of a scientist and the pen of a poet, he introduces us to haunting characters, chilling “Murder City” by Charles Bowden is a visceral, gritty journey into the chaos and violence that has gripped the Mexican border bowfen of Ciudad Juarez since Inan organized crime unit was formed to tackle the cartels, and at the same moment in Mexico City, the agents of yet an earlier squad assigned to fight drugs were found dead in a car trunk.

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Inbetween 5, and 6, Mexicans died in the violence, a larger loss than what the United States has endured during the entire Iraq war. Bowden paints a charnel house, yet, yet, with a strange beauty, something irresistible while almost but not quite smothered by pain.

Attempts to curb the mayhem seem to exacerbate the problems; specialized, elite drug enforcement agencies split off from the government and become drug gangs themselves Zetaspolice act as bodyguards for drug men, soldiers kidnap and murder police, etc.

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They put plastic bags on their heads to smother them and then revived them with alcohol under their noses. The only reason I forced myself to finish this book was because of book club.

Charles Bowden

Just give it more time. The continuum only captures, say, the last 20 years. Everything’s fine during the day. Elsewhere he notes, “By the summer ofJuarez looks back on the slaughter of as the quiet time” Sierra Leone’s civil war Jul 13, Aron rated it liked it.

On the far left, fading to the right ARE I think they’re all involved. Witnesses are too afraid to tell the truth.

Ciudad del crimen / Murder City : Charles Bowden :

We have the plastic bag, the loaded guns. They brought in a doctor to keep reviving them. Most of the bodies have signs of torture, strangulation, amputation, and decapitation. The overriding conclusion I draw from this book is that the US war on drugs has not–and will not–work in Mexico. For years, I thought I was watching the city go from bad to worse, a kind of terrible backsliding from its imagined cjudad as an America with different food. His critique was essentially a Fortean one: The situation is dramatic as it is.


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Small wonder, what is happening there is unfathomable. Just across the Rio Grande lies the murder capital of the world. You get the feeling that you intimately know him and the principa I can’t tout this book’s brilliance enough.

The police kill civilians. Your rating has been recorded. Ccharles has hopes for the third guard dog. Jan 03, Karin Cope rated it it was amazing. It is beautiful and hideous, human and barbaric. Charlles army is killing cops, the cops are killing informants, informants are killing dealers, dealers are killing each other, and the cartels are killing everybody.

A new list of police yet to be executed is found outside a police station. Feb 06, Dora rated it really liked it. Harrowing and hair-raising investigative journalism in a city which lays waste to many who try to uncover its secrets.