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DA 2 FORM 1 JUL 79 TEAR ALONG DOTTED LINE BE EXACT PIN POINT WHERE IT IS from MSC at Jacksonville State University. DA Form Hand Receipt/Annex Number. DA Form Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet DA Form Equipment. Mail your letter, DA Form (Recommended Changes to. Publications and Blank Forms) or DA Form located in back of this manual.

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Shielding – Any material or obstruction which absorbs radiation and thus tends to foorm personnel or materials from the effects of a nuclear or atomic explosion. If the rubber gasket is damaged, then remove the gasket. Do not use excessive force to tighten setscrew. Major Components All Components of the radiac set are contained in a carrying case. The Radiac Flrm consists of: B-1 TM i.

Refer to TM for specific instructions on the control, safe handling, inspection, storage, and disposition of the test sample.

This manual cannot list all malfunctions that may occur, not all tests or inspections and corrective actions. Each component is shown below. Dq battery compartment cover by loosening three captive screws and check the rubber gasket on the mounting panel. Reporting Errors And Recommending Improvements. Check for cracks or breaks.


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I am setting this document FREE. Do not daa the screw too tightly or damage may result to the screw. The TM HR consists of. Mail your report to: You, the user, are the only one who can tell us what you. The equipment in storage must be able to be put into operation within 24 hours.


Liberated Manuals — free army and government manuals Why do I do it? Perform the operational check routine on the equipment prior to storage.

Never attempt to replace a tube in the radiacmeter. Place the radiacmeter in the case. Maintenance functions will be limited to and defined as follows: Our interest dorm in what you have to tell us, and you will receive a reply. Nomenclature plates and equipment labels are also identified. This manual supersedes so much of TM 2 Septemberincluding all changes that pertains to the Organizational Maintenance. ADJUST – To maintain, within prescribed limits, by bringing into proper or exact position, or by setting the operating characteristics to the specified parameters.


Reportif you can obtain this form.

Replace or repair as necessary. The administrative storage site should provide required protection from the elements and allow for visual inspection and exercising when applicable. Case Harness 1 Inspect the harness for tears.

Inspect captive screws for damage broken threads or cracks. The column describes the steps to be followed in order to replace and repair the damaged item.

Place the test sample next to your skin. Use Table to perform preventive maintenance checks and services to be sure 208-2 the Radiac Set is always ready for use. If the unit of measure differs from the unit of issue that will satisfy your requirements.

INSTALL – The act of emplacing, seating, or fixing into position an item, part, module component or assembly in a rorm to allow the proper functioning of the equipment or system.