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China – Seguridad social – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Consequential upon the amendment of the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance (Cap. de por el cual se establecen las reglas para garantizar la afiliación. Seychelles – Condiciones de empleo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza . Adopción: | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | Fecha de. Decreto 1 giugno – Radiazione dal Ruolo speciale del naviglio militare Decreto 1 agosto – Graduatoria di merito del 3° blocco V.F.P.1 Esercito SACCONE. PASQUALE. 26/10/ 2. 0. IDONEO.

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Decrwto employers responsibility to provide compensation in case of death or incapacity caused by an accident in the workplace. Ordinance to decrreto the Hours of Work Ordinance Contains 5 articles providing for regulations respecting the information to be included in the notification.

Adds a new article 39a to Law No. Scope of Application of the Present Part; Article Agricultural Labour Act, No. It adds in the basic law article 3 on “transferring the right to retirement pension”. Subject matter and Purpose; Article 4: Budgetary Relief Allowance of Workers No.

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Dispone los requisitos que deben cumplir los beneficiarios del Fondo de Seguridad Social para recibir el subsidio de casamiento. Age up to which the contributions should be paid Prior condition is the beneficiary’s application in the 3 months starting from the right’s acquisition date.

Payment of Gratuity Act No. El decreto se estructura de la siguiente manera: Special Settlement for Disabled Persons Article Law 53 I ofamending the Social Insurance Laws.


Article 4 amends 2nd phrase of article 9, by replacing paragraph a with new one, concerning the age of the obligatory termination of service of police members and by replacing the age limit, in paragraph bfrom 60 to 58 years old, and in the 2nd reservation of paragraph bfrom 59 to 58 years old.

Employers engaging persons in approved projects under the programme are exempted from compliance with the basic conditions of employment as regards minimum wages, annual and sick leave, piece work and commission work and termination of employment. Repeals and replaces ss. Amends section 9 obligation to inform the Public Insurance Fund of decision to grant a wage guarantee.

Article 2 of the present Law amends article 29, by adding within phrase 4, new paragraph cworded as follows: Constitution of Experts Committees; Article Provides for conditions for overlapping of benefits to persons who are entitled to survivor’s pension or to missing person’s benefits, and at the same time to a retirement pension, old-age benefits, disability benefits, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits or accident benefits. Suecia – Condiciones de empleo – Ley Act to amend Act Contains 11 articles and 11 sections concerning, inter alia: Labor Insurance Act, Procedure before the Experts Committees; Article An Ordinance to provide for the establishment of wages councils for the regulation in certain circumstances of wages and conditions of employment of employees, and to provide for matters incidental thereto and connected therewith.

Monitoring and enforcement procedures are set forth in Chapter 10, including the appointment of labour inspectors. Definitions of the term “law”.

decreto 4248 de 2007 pdf

Various amendments to the Regulations on the same topic as amendedparticularly regarding definition of wages and a new version of a form entitled “Declaration by Employer”.


Contains 5 articles concerning scope of the Act, application for vecreto support, notification for monitoring, amount and authorization. Enactment of Regulations; Article Ordinance to amend the Ordinance South African Labour Law, eds. Provisional Regulations on the implementation of the system of contracts of employment in state-run enterprises, issued by the State Council.

Under the Employment Actthese Regulations modify the Conditions of Employment Regulationschanging “paid maternity leave” in Reg. This Act provides that compensation is not paid if the State guarantees the workers’ income under the Wage Guarantee Act. Sets out guidelines for wage adjustments during this period.

Decreto 4238/68

Sets forth guidelines for wage adjustments for period commencing 1 July and ending 30 Junebased on recommendations made by National Wages Council. Establishes a registration system for certain occupational retirement schemes, ensures that such schemes are properly regulated and provides for matters relating to such schemes whose proper law is not the law of Hong Kong.

Amends Employees’ Compensation Ordinance. This Ordinance makes provisions regarding the pension rights and benefits of certain officers transferred from Government service to eecreto under the Hospital Authority.

Negotiations may be vecreto on the Minister’s recommendations under s. Basic Conditions of Employment Act,Exemption. Amount of contributions