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decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto ley actualizado pdf printer. Will be. National Plan of: DECRETO PRESIDENCIAL No. 44/ National DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. de. ; 27 Set. Telephone: Telex: NDC HQ. DECRETO LEY No. (). MODIFICATORIAS. – Ley No. DECRETO LEGISLATIVO No. () “Ley General de Sociedades”. LEY No.

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Technology Requirements In this point we will make a list of the machinery that we need to produce the dehydrated fruit and certify the quality of our products and process in favors of our clients. Full Description of business and market intelligence 1. Selling Expenses Transport Piura-Lima kg 0.

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The varieties chosen were: The consumers can find this legislatigo on supermarkets as Vivanda and Wong. Environmental impact The environmental impact which causes the company is low. The product contains cornflakes and as complement small slides or pieces of some dehydrate fruit according to the needs of the consumer.

September, October and November.

People who have preferences for healthy food. As the company that is forming is an E. Proposed location of the business infrastructure In this point we will propose some of the most profitable locations for our floor which are located on the department of Piura due to the facilities to get our raw materials and the better prices and availability of spaces to install our floor.

It means people who is aged from years old and live in the districts of our target market. Repayment or payment of Short Term Loans 0 0 Repayment or payment of Long Term Loans,Loans from related parties 0 0 Finance lease liabilities 0 0 Repurchase or redemption of shares in the decreyo Treasury Shares 0 0 Acquisition of other investments in Equity 0 0 Interest and Yields 0 0 Dividends 0 0 Income Tax 0 0 Other cash payments relating to the activity of Financing 0 0 Cash Flow and Cash Equivalents From Used in Financing Activities,Increase decrease in cash and cash equivalents before Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates,Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates on Cash and Cash Equivalents 0 0 Increase decrease in cash and cash equivalents,Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year 0 0 Cash and cash equivalents 21612 year end,Elaborated by: Sunday October 7 th.


In the back of the package is printed the nutritional value according to the content; at the reverse of the package the costumer can see recommendations of how to consume the content. We can notice that USS Apples Kg 1.

Administratives Expenses Administrative Remunerations Choosing oegislativo location 2. Molicentro dereto La Molina. Business creation process in Peru or in foreign markets as appropriate to the project. According to the second question, from 47 people, Designing the supply chain and technical justification 1. Assessment for the project credit lines 7. Identification of relevant variables to be sensitized In the back of the package is printed the nutritional value according to the content, includes as well a list legislativoo benefits for consume the product.

Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them. Chosen type of legal society and justification 3.

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Por favor, escoja 3 frutas. In this case the most profitable places of location is the one which is near to the point of sale defined. Selection of the production decrfto 5. According to the Chart Matrix price of the competitors, the range of prices accepted by the consumers is from 4.

When the season is low the product increases it price an when the season is peak the product decreases or maintain them prices. Retail sells of alimentary products. This product functions as a complement for foods at any time.

The size of the bag is 13 centimeters wide and 11 centimeter high that will legislativoo the logo of our brand in front of the bag and behind of the bag the nutritionals facts with all the characteristic of the different threes fruits that Harmony Legislatovo going to have.

Size-Availability of resources 4. This charge is considered for the company the second in importance because is the responsible for the developing new products in order to make increase the company.


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They are men and women who are aged from years old. Pricing and Fixation The fixation help us to calculate possible price that could have our product, this price is based on decgeto surveys and the price of our main competitors.

I; the average for is was 6. Sales and purchases budget 8. For instance, the company named by the group decreot Structural and functional organization chart 3.

Size-Inputs and Resources Our project is to be located in Ceticos-Piura by different benefits to get, one of them is the proximity of two of three major inputs from our snack of dried fruit, mango and banana, which is a big plus for us for the price, the quality of our inputs being the department with better production and quality of these fruits and primarily by seasonality. Analysis of the Structure of Social Capital 3.

Commercial Center Chacarilla — Surco. Chosen type of legal society and justification The Peruvian law allows to forming companies to choose between different types of organizations in order to constitute companies. Variables that determine the size of a project 4.

This location was chosen because the fields are the most productive in Peru because the production is constantly during all the year. The entire have the same level of hierarchy and they are closely related to the production process. It starts with suppliers which provide fresh fruits which will be used to the dehydration, then these inputs will get into the factory to the dehydration process and packing, once this step is ready, it will be put at disposal of retailers.

Size-Investment and Financing 5.