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Dennis distributes a special report entitled, “Dennis Gartman’s Not-so simple rules of trading” each His service is available through tmanletter. com. Picture. MXD 65+. Gold: George Condon – Donna Rathkamp Silver: Dennis Gartman – Janet Spanos Bronze: Oelando Salas – Pam Salas. EffectsIcon DesignLogo DesignVector AnimationInteractive DesignMotion Graphics. by Dennis Hoogstad Illustrated gifs and vector motion graphics animation.

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As you’ve implied, very simple stuff as long as you’re disciplined AND you trade the markets with a daily time frame or greater, with any time period less than daily being more in the hit and miss area although, like the McClellan Oscillator, if you know the bigger “daily” trend, price pattern set ups within Dunnigan’s methods will tend to work well for those who do day trade.

But positions are full.

We have now a full line. I figured I could get back on a continuation buy and did not want to put all that profit at risk.

Who Made Dennis Gartman “The Commodities King?” | Zero Hedge | Zero Hedge

Since swings are integral and vital part of the strategy of DOW Dunnigan One Waycorrectly identifying swing tops and bottoms is crucial. Dec Corn about to close No internals, not even volume for forex. Time is ripe next week at least for a half brother. The P2T signal bottom is B1 Bottom. The successful trader is alert to possibilities.


When considering a trade using fundamentals, technicals and seasonality, start with long term data e. The book originally was published in and subsequently has been republished multiple times. When looking at potential investments, one must consider the fundamentals of the underlying company before looking at technicals.

There is a point downswing possibility not based on DOW and some other downside targets based on market profile structures. So we await the next downswing for further development. Since I have no great hopes that the DOW method is going to give a reversal signal any time soon, the prudent thing might be to take advantage of any October weakness to get long for the intermediate term.

Ten fundamental analysts using the same data will calculate 10 different values for the same security.

She came out just fine. Is there a chance, perhaps, someone in the media could title me “The Blogging Emperor” — enabling me to make wide sweeping proclamations about the future of online media? My software pointed out some flaws in my interpretation of the bars earlier. Investors who took the other side of that trade did very well. A large number of small equity positions dilutes performance. You may recall our brief interlude in chat re roll-over day and date. That is my Corn story.


The final bar in the chart below has the wrong color – it should be white as it is still considered an Inside Bar according to DOW rules of marking swings.

Dunnigan to my rescue?

B8 bottom forms on a gap down! This presents a different picture and interpretation to the same price action. Hold or book the profit? All I can say is – Thank you Mr Dunnigan.

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May be time for a rest for the Dow, as your Dunnigan analysis also suggests. Back to the Mall, then. John has written classic books on Technical Analysis that are well worth buying and reading. Shorting the market, a sector or a stock is a valid strategy, but is more difficult than going long the market.

Just do what we are tartman.

Last week’s action is eerily similar. We now only have one swing up.