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Food preparation must be much more sanitary, thorough, and nutritious when convalescing patients are involved. Not to mention post-wash- ing sterilization that must be undertaken by some means or other.

Do-It-Yourself Medicine : Ragnar Benson :

This little containment can be noth- ing more than a couple of 2 x 6-inch planks stacked edgewise. In a nursing survival situ- ation, every single ounce of good is wrung from the critter by boiling the bones for meat soup. In a pure survival circumstance you may sleep in a damp hole in the ground, yet patients suffering from malaria or recovering from extensive wounds can’t do that. Not a good plan given the high expense he has incurred for all of those little cylinders.

In general, 99 percent of the nurses in North America will be able to raise green beans, carrots, lettuce, spinach, potatoes of some kind, zucchini, and perhaps winter squash. Steve marked it as to-read Nov 05, Hang the rabbit upside down. Otherwise, repairs and maintenance should be minimal. In addition to protein, most patients will require green vegetables high in fiber and vitamins. Depending on levels of security required in your specific circumstance, just about anything could be used as a structure in which to provide long-term survival nursing care.

Do-It-Yourself Medicine by Benson, Ragnar

And then there is laundry figured in numbers of mountain-sized heaps rather than numbers of pieces. In other words, it takes an iron stove to burn firewood, a propane heater to utilize propane, and an oil burner to heat with oil.


In either case, place a couple of small stones or a brick or two in the bottom of the container and set a piece of expanded steel or other wire rack on these spacers.

Both of these disinfectants store well in the medium to long term 7 to 10 years. Then there had to be long-term care to nurse him back to health. Is it necessary to settle, filter, and treat wash water that will be brought near boiling anyway?

Interesting, but not much else. Those who actually do the laundry seem dismissive of mediine chore as they stuff the mouths of huge, indus- trial-strength laundry machines.

Instead, he has convinced himself hexamine is a good idea and that’s that. For those who want more in-depth information, a trip to a good library especially one associated i a university with a good agri- cultural program will be time well spent.

This time interval is extremely important — don’t treat water and expect to use it yourslf 30 minutes. What if I need a root canal? But in reality, nursing is mostly a female calling. In 4 to 6 hours the sun will have either taken the chill off the water or actually heated it. Then she can reassemble or assemble it using new mate- rials.

Kevin Sells rated it it was amazing Mar 26, I digress, but it seems to me more of us should put more stovepipe in our stored emergency supplies. When it comes to putting medical supplies to use, Benson is less copiously informed. More on autoclaves later in this chapter.

Be careful to stay on top meddicine the impervious clay layer while digging or the water will be reabsorbed into the soil as soon as it flows past the clay. Survival nurses will have more specific emergency requirements for more energy output than the rest of us.


The survivalist’s guide to do-it-yourself medicine

I questioned the durabili- ty of garden hose for carrying hot water, but we used high- grade hose, which lasted almost a year.

I can barely keep track of all the details myself. It’s tough to argue otherwise — wire snares are cheap, convenient, small, light, easily set, and very effective for just about anything from beavers and rabbits to porcupines and deer. You can also use sections of gallon drums cut out in a U to catch and hold the water.

On the bright side, today’s average citizen knows far, far more about the causes and effects of disease and infection, pharmaceuticals, wound-dressing procedures, cleanliness, nutrition, and many other medical procedures than did learned physicians of the Civil War era.

Freezing food is not the only method of preservation, but it is one of the fastest and easiest. Burning old tires is an often-cited alternative. Semipermanent spring development is accomplished using a cement box or a home-constructed fiberglass one.

Benson knows a fair amount about medicine, but mostly he knows about procuring medical supplies without prescriptions. Cement would work, but other than in places such as abandoned city garages and parking lots, cement pads will probably not be available unless by fortuitous circumstance you find an aban- doned farm building with a cement floor out in the country.

No other lubrication is required for two-cycle engines.