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Welcome to the world of the DOD FX7! You have purchased the finest guitar signal processor and preamp of its kind; hardly a surprise when it comes from DOD. i play hard out electronic punk and use the dod on my drum machine my keyboard and my is a princible part o stacy-hlZhZ’s review of DOD FX7 Guitar. Used multi-fx unit in excellent used condition. Comes with original box, power supply, instruction manual, and manual with extra pages. Dated.

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Unit was used with a hollow body, single coils strat, 6-string bass and Ovation. A good unit if you just want something to play with or get started with, though.

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Was a good deal and a great intro into effects. Sometimes it is so dang loud if I have the headphones on I go deaf and the next set of effects are quite the opposite. I have never been around this type fod pedal set-up.

I love the 9 user bank and 90 presets.


I wish it was made of metal alloys instead of hard plastic. Well, It’s a 3″x2″ product. Foot pedal’s switch can get sticky not for bar use. No room for dispersion, no offense to our friends painters. The Hyper Fuzz sounds great with a strat.

I recommend it for playing live. I am using a Ibanez Roadstar 2 guitar with a Peavey microbass amp. Not flexible enough for serious use, and has terrible doe, which really makes it unusable professionally.


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It makes a big difference in the end, these analog stages. Ping and pong delays.

Xod just got this the other day from an online purchase. My patch cables are great and nothing wrong with my guitar because it sounds great without the FX7 hooked up.

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The device is stereo jack 2fois more lineout more LineIn minijack headphone minijack and separate entry for passive expression pedal wah-volumethat want? All the choices for effects. The fx7 is all around for effect, sound, and quality,however if this item broke i would probobly get a differant effects board.

I had people coming up to me after a gig about people telling me they could hear this incredible hiss coming out when I played The distortion is warm and massive, very compact, a real headbutt in the belly is the effect it produces!


Octave down is poor. You have eight blocks accessed directly no menu, etc. Log in Become a member. Can not combine WAH, phaser, chorus, flange effects together. Anyway,I’ve been using often now.

Anybody have suggestions or ideas or comments? Write a user review Ask for a user review. I purchased it about 5 yrs ago at the Guitar Center,Sherman Oaks. Great for the bedroom, no good for the stage.

In short it is my tag a little guidance!

Low weight for no flat pedal down the banks of presets, not practice it sounds restricted to three situations. What’s great is the input adjustment with LED signal and clip, imperial to know where you are going, and fit any guitar multi-effects and not vice versa!