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The Ecotechnic Future has ratings and 28 reviews. Ted said: A hard book for me to review, so I’m going to put it off for awhile. The book is just ful. Get the The Ecotechnic Future at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free. Free returns. The industrial age made possible by fossil fuels will surely decline as these fuels run out. In The Ecotechnic Future John Michael Greer alerts the listener to.

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Jeff Goodell Narrated by: He also excells in putting things back into perspective, mi Fascinating, inspiring read for those that are willing to see further than the end of one’s nose. Did it make you laugh or cry?

Human innovation will clearly play a role, Greer quotes Koestler in that, “creativity arises from the collision of incommensurate realities” But to assume that human furure will allow business as usual to continue is to cement the outcome of repeating the past all while thinking we’re original. After decades of missed opportunities, the door to a sustainable future has closed, and the future we face now is one in which today’s industrial civilization unravels in the face of uncontrolled climate change and resource depletion.

The industrial age made possible by fossil fuels will surely decline as these fuels run out.

The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World by John Michael Greer

Tony Craine gives a fine reading. Jan 31, KMO rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem?

He steps on everyone’s toes eventually, and that’s what makes his writing so valuable, but far from comfortable. You can look up the details on Wiki and the blog site. Survival Chicken Honolulu Unless we start addressing the causes of climate change and stop simply navigating its effects, we will be facing a series of unstoppable catastrophes by the time our preschoolers graduate from college.


Greer’s mapping of the post-peak world we’re entering is thought provoking, but beyond that, the discussion is merely musings. How could the performance have been better? What this book lacks is detailed explanations of why no proposed techological etc.

Futjre it Greer happily pours disrespect upon almost everyone in the peak oil community and beyond. Essays on War and Climate Change By: There was an error posting your review. If you want a philosophical, anthropological, and historical examination of humanity’s ecotfchnic, read Marvin Harris’ Cannibals and Kings. A book that I did not have to always agree with to appreciate. Joel Salatin Narrated by: The automobile age is over. Free with day Trial Membership details Membership details A day trial plus your first audiobook, free.

Since the science fiction writers of the early 19th century, our dreams of advanced technology have been synonymous with “extravagant energy use”. He foresees that the descent will cause a gradual transition to at first a ”scavenger society”, where high tech items are reused and recycled, and unsustainable buildings like skyscrapers are pulled down by hand to cannibalise the high quality steel encased therein.

Be the first to ask a question about The Ecotechnic Future. But there is reason for hope. What ecottechnic this psychological mechanism that allows us to know something is true but act as if it is not? I thought I got some exposure from being an English major in college, but apparently a lot of the good stuff wasn’t on the reading list.


Dmitri Orlov How could the performance have been better? I was often thrilled ecotechnci the author’s writing, from the proper usage dcotechnic “begging the question” to great vocabulary throughout. Eaarth, The Great Turning, Did you have an extreme reaction to this book?

Somehow we will invent a new system of money and muddle-through. Not happyat least not yet, how can one be happy when he or she has realised the profundity of his or her own uselessness, but grateful nevertheless. If industrial society turns out to have been little more than finding the fastest ecotcehnic possible to turn raw materials into pollution, the status quo won’t be maintained for much longer. Human societies, like ecosystems, evolve in complex and unpredictable ways, making it futile to try to impose rigid ideological forms on the patterns of evolutionary change.

The Ecotechnic Future: Envisioning a Post-Peak World

It’s quite a revealing, shocking but also strangely rewarding experience. Our pre-disposition to biblical scale catastrophe pushes us towards the extreme. However that also may be because I have read too much Sci Fi This is primarily a blog on peak oil and what Greer believes it will mean to our civilization; but Archdruid?

I’d recommend this book for people interested in environmental issues or people interested in looking at a possible human future via the long duree.

New Society Publishers futue Oct. Great book, well organised and engaging well worth your time and effort. I suppose I was looking for something a little more concrete.