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ORIGINAL E-STREET SYSTEMS, #, # and #, ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE IGNITION CONTROL FEATURE. EDELBROCK E- STREET 2. Find great deals for Fuel Injection System Edelbrock Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Edelbrock E-street Universal Fuel Injection System. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Project Chevelle Episode Your shopping cart is empty Begin Shopping. Moreover, the system is returnless, negating the need for any return lines to either the Edelbrock sump or the stock tank in the back of your car.

See how he mounts each part while making modifications to complete the install. One of the most important parts of your racing operation is the engine. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. The E-Street fires and runs when cold, no monkey motion required. You May Also Like. This item ships directly from the manufacturer. Our Nova project car has a mechanical fan, but edelbock E-Street supports electric fan control through a connector on the harness, should you need it.

Next comes mounting the ECU, which may be mounted anywhere in the car. The base kit comes with the pre-assembled throttle body, ECU the control boxa pair of relays, harnesses, wideband O2 sensor, all mounting hardware, and most intriguing of all, a 7-inch Android tablet with wireless capability. Right at the turn of the key, our base map was already delivering cold start and idle characteristics that were superior to the carburetor.

Fuel correction figures are initially high upon first start-up and first drive, and gradually get lower as the ECU learns.

Edelbrock 3600 E-street Universal Fuel Injection System

In this episode, Project Chevelle takes a big step in its muscle car transformation. Help is just a click away! It’s ideal for any V8 engine originally equipped with a carburetor and intake manifold with a square-bore style flange.

By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use. And even with that accomplished, more than half of all 300 conversions on classic muscle cars suffer from fuel starvation unless more steps are taken to sump the fuel pump pickup protecting it from sucking air on modest cornering or braking.


Now that Project Chevelle is making some real power, we’ve decided to ditch the old tank, lines, and pump in favor of a new tank and pump from Tanks Inc. Set points are the target that the ECU will use to fine-tune the fuel map on its own, so if you give it something unrealistic like Do you have carbs sitting on the shelf waiting to be put on? Moreover, each cold start you get under your belt basically one per day makes it that much edelrbock transparent each morning.

Edelbdock Videos Stock vs.

Project Nova – Edelbrock E-Street EFI

Speedway Motors employee Pat O. The negative reputation dogged EFI for decades, but so did the benefits on the plus side. Under hard braking, our old carb would stop supplying fuel, stalling the engine, while the E-Street now keeps the fire lit. Trying to Cut Carbs?

Those benefits, such as sharp throttle response, great driveability, good cold-start manners, and superior fuel economy with no trade-off in performance, enticed EFI engineers to double their efforts, and now we are in a fuel-injection renaissance with third-generation technology.

All Street Race Truck. Mating the E-Street system to our hp ci small-block Chevy was straightforward. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. As you might imagine, the E-Street has banished all softness from the throttle tip-in with immediate, neck-snapping fuel enrichment. It was fun to watch the correction factor get smaller over time and to feel that improvement through the seat of our pants. The connections for the injectors, idle air bypass, manifold absolute pressure sensor, air inlet temp sensor, and throttle position sensor all terminate at the throttle body.

Holley Renew Kit for 2 bbl Pro-Jection 2 x 2. 3600 item is made to order. Yet on the fuel economy front, we went from getting 14 mpg with the carb on our highway loop yes, that was with overdriveto It also makes an attractive addition underhood.


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Irrespective of price, we know of no fuel system on the market that does a better job of feeding an EFI engine up to hp, and our unit worked just as advertised. One more cool thing: The E-Street ECU is constantly learning and fine-tuning the fuel map; the longer you drive it, the sharper the throttle response and the harder the hit when you mash the loud pedal.

Select your vehicle to verify fitment. The Universal Sump Kit consists of a powerful electric fuel pump inside a small crosslink polymer tank that mounts in the engine compartment. The throttle and transmission linkage from your old carburetor will work too; just transfer your linkage components to the E-Street throttle body from the carburetor. It features easy to use software pre-installed on the supplied touch screen tablet. A big plus for us older guys with not-so-good eyesight. This Chevy Nova is an exercise in determination, perseverance, and cash!

Fuel Injection System Edelbrock | eBay

A quarter century ago, first-generation EFI systems were expensive, difficult to install, and even harder to tune—if you could even understand what was going on in the first place. John Machaqueiro – November 9, Products to Compare max of 3 X. It’s out with the little old and to the dyno with our new from BluePrint Engines! And while competing units offer fdelbrock programmers, the E-Street unit communicates on a wireless Bluetooth channel with the ECU allowing you to load tunes and do setup from virtually anywhere.

Muscle Car Review Engine. Our phone lines are closing at 6pm CST today edelbrovk allow our employees extra time with their loved ones.

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