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Buy B DANFOSS REFRIGERATION EKC D1, ller, I-pack the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to 65% discount DANFOSS. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications .. Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1, Literature. I need some help on this danfoss EKC D1. Its controlling a small freezer unit The set-point temperature is º The R1 seting is diferential is.

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I copy the parameters from other controller to this one, but noting has change. The function is used as a simple defrost start, or it may be used as a safeguard if the normal signal fails to appear. Regulator til temperaturstyring – AK-CC manual. Where is the manual http: Example During day operation there is a temperature difference of e. Push the upper button until a parameter r01 is shown 2.

If there is more than one, simply push the button to scroll through and view them. Go to About section Our Engineering.

Regolatore per il controllo della temperatura – EKC D1. Programmable Controls Electronic Controls: When the door is closed again there will be a time delay of two minutes before the light is switched off.

If the light function is set to follow the door function, the override will not be possible and the door function will be followed. Selection of thermostat sensor Here you define the sensor the thermostat is to use for its control function. The regulation will continue with a registered average cutin frequency. This also applies to products already on order provided that such alternations can be made without subsequential changes being necessary in specifications already agreed. Night time cover placed over Night appliance time cover detected Night time cover removed Removal of night time cover detected Ekv of temperature sequence Example of settings: Alarm delay Time delay for door alarm The time delay is set in minutes.


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This function will remain inactive if set to 0 K. EKC controllers can be used for a wide range of different refrigeration applications — from control of air temperatures and defrost to more advanced applications, including control of light and fans.

Digital input signal – DI1 The controller has a digital input 1 which can be used for one of the following functions: Real-time clock The controller can accommodate one insertion module which may either be a data communication module or a battery module for the real-time clock.

The relay cuts in when rail heat is to operate Light: An open door will switch on the light and it will remain lit for two minutes after the door has been closed again. Factory calibration ensures that the measuring accuracy of all EKC controllers in combination with a Pt sensor is better than required in EN without any subsequent calibration.

Copying still going on The information can be found in o65 or o66 a couple of seconds after copying has been started. Standby position stopped refrigeration via r12 or DI input Standby mode A Access code 2 Access to adjustments There is access to adjustments of values, but not to configuration settings.

Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without notice. Here defrost can be started at fixed times of the day and night. Order number or SW version do not match 9: Controller for temperature control – EKC D1. In this case, 5.

If this signal fails to appear for one reason or another, the controller will itself start the refrigeration when this standby time has elapsed. Thermostat Set point Regulation is based on the set value plus a displacement, if applicable.

  ISO 13919-2 PDF

Sensors S3 and S4 are thermostat sensors. The time now is The connections shown in applications 1, 2 and 3 are the recommended connections if an extra display is not installed. The set value can be locked or limited to a range with the settings in r02 and r Copying to EKC incorrect. Regulator til temperaturstyring – EKC D1. To avoid a too low setting of the setpoint, the min. The evaporator drips off and waits for the time to run out 4 S Transcritical CO2 system in a small supermaket.

After two seconds you can move into the menu again and check whether the copying was satisfactory. Controller for temperature control – EKC D1.

A-alarms will not become visible until the set time delay has expired. DO3 and DO4 are 8 A relays.

EKC – Documents

The relevant application determines how. If you push the top button in this situation you can see the alarm report in the display. For either alarm, rail heat or light Alarm: S3, S4, or a combination of the two.

Results 1 to 9 of 9. The valve is kept open so that 2002d1 brine can flow through the evaporator Gas Simple defrost Start of defrost A defrost can be started in different ways Interval: All starting methods will function in the controller.

The clock function can thus be protected during a power failure. Activation can also take place via input DI1 or DI2 defined in o02 or o