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When Jean Giraud or Moebius passed away, the international “comic book” or .. El Incal es una suerte de deidad que por casualidad o no cae en manos de un. Mar 11, EL INCAL () by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius | El Incal Negro. Yet, as Jodorowsky told Moebius: “Failure does not exist. It is a concept of And that’s how my subconscious mind introduced me to “El Incal.”.

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This is Kilger Trout in graphic novel format with one of the most unique and most amazing artwork ever. At the top, it’s a near- panopticonical dystopia with standard TV program with moebuus same presenter Diavaloo depicting filmed violence for public consumption, and indoctrination.

Though I felt like I wasn’t getting much of the story, I persevered because Modbius never read a work drawn by Moebius and wanted to keep looking at his artwork, and I had to read to understand what the artwork was mpebius. All that said, The Incal is rad in the farthest reaches of the work.

U biti od romana bi ostao isti naslov i imena likova. I could never get into it. Also credited as Alexandro Jodorowsky Better known for his surreal films El Topo and The Holy Mountain filmed in the early s, Alejandro Jodorowsky is also an accomplished writer of graphic novels and a psychotherapist.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In a lot of ways, The Incal does what Jodorowski wasn’t able to do with his film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. Jun 30, Vikram rated it liked it.

Los Angeles Review of Books. My suggestion for tackling The Incal is to leave your expectations of traditional storytelling at the door. Who because there are a lot of things that are very similar.

I have to think Grant Morrison borrows a lot from this.



After opening it, DiFool passes out, and later awakens to his bird Deepo preaching to nearby masses. TBH- a feel this piece time-travels a lot better than “The Watchmen” or “Dark Knight”- it maintains a fresh, inca take on the world around it. Jodorowsky did not like the change of the series to seduce young audience. Hopefully, more of Moebius work will finally make it to the US.

Daniel Kalder from The Comics Journal noted that the drawing by Moebius in After the Incal was of lesser ability, he considered “Moebius was and always will be The Man but he was not the man for this story: Sci-fi mysticism, visualized LSD, tarot symbolism, and nudity. That sounds about right.

Moebius’s art is fantastic. Or koebius it out immediately from your library. Other books in the series. Varn rated it really liked it.

Jun 18, M. While I didn’t like this one quite as much as World of Edena, I’ll be tracking down more of Humanoids’ Moebius titles some time soon. Jodorowsky throws idea after idea at the reader without much breathing room. Wild, expansive, profoundly weird rl opera fairy tale replete with Dune-like bits.

Amazing art, vivid, fast-moving action. Lists with This Book. The story is set in the dystopian capital city of an insignificant planet in a human -dominated eo empirewherein the Bergs, aliens who resemble featherless birds and reside in a neighboring galaxymake up another power block.

Lewis’s Space Trilogy –not a connection I was expecting to make as I read this.

Jodorowsky/Moebius El Incal | El Nerdo | Pinterest | Jean giraud, Moebius art and Moebius artist

There is a planet whose gravity is so ferocious that creatures must crawl flat. Art and Conspiracy at the Met Breuer. Brian Michael Bendis wrote a forward to the new edition which consists mostly of him getting angry at people ripping off The Incal. He further claimed that the case was lost because Moebius “betrayed them” by working directly with Besson on the production of the film.


A Wilderness of Contradictions: Deepo, a sentient concrete bird; The Metabaron, the most powerful fighter in the universe; Solune, The Metabaron’s son of questionable origin; Wolfhead, hellbent on revenge; Animah, the beautiful rat queen and possible Goddess; and Tanatah, Animah’s sister and Queen of the Amoks.

Final Incal – Hardcover Trade”. A few novelists have directed films, but generally this has proven a diversion, and the only reason on earth to ever cite Michael Crichton, Norman Mailer, and Susan Sontag in the same sentence. Thank you for signing up! Oct moegius, Dan Schwent rated it it was amazing Shelves: I strongly suggest reading this even if I will freely admit that it is a far from perfect work. The parameters of the universe are also vague–alternately like a space opera and a Platonic dimensions of geometry.

While American exposure to Moebius actual comic book work was limited- his overall effect in terms of design and moebijs media can’t be understated – first through the translations of “Metal When Jean Giraud or Moebius passed away, the international “comic book” or “graphic novel” lost the last of the 4 great giants who shaped the medium the other three being Osamu Tezuka, Will Eisner and Jack Kirby – geniuses who combined an innovative and unique look and feel, with a tremendous breadth of work.

California in Science Morbius Jul 24, Rick added it. It’s built to last and I plan on putting it to the test. I’d say The Incal is more about the journey and the ideas along the way than the destination. In andhis studio made updated versions of the original trailer.