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Hymn XI. Paradise can only be described in terrestrial terms, but it is essential to realize that these terms are purely metaphorical; to understand them in a literal. The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted! In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of. Hymn 1. This is the day that gladdened them, the Prophets, Kings, and Priests, for in it were their words fulfilled, and thus were the whole of them indeed.

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The speaking of the mouth be cleared. I have seen Him that He hungered, as a Son of man; yet this was done away by the bread which He multiplied. At the Birth of the Son the king was enrolling all men for the tribute-money, that they might be debtors to Him: Americanenglishexper rated it it was amazing Jan 23, In You will I begin to speak, You Head that began all created things.

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For Him Lamech also looked who might come and lovingly give Him quiet from his labour and the toiling of his hands, and from hymnx earth the Just One had cursed. By His yoke He broke from us the chains of him that led us captive.

In this day the Lord exchanged glory for shame, as being humble ; because Adam changed the truth for unrighteousness as being a rebel: The old men cried, Blessed be that Son Who restored Adam to youth, Who was vexed to see that he was old and worn out, and that the serpent who had killed him, had changed his skin and had gotten himself away. He that eats the Heavenly Bread, becomes Heavenly without doubt!

CHURCH FATHERS: Hymns on the Nativity (Ephraim)

Wakeful also is the careful, by his care his sleep is swallowed: Blessed be Your pleasantness! Blessed be His noble act!


With its breath let it praise our Sun Who brought His breadth down low, and humbled His mightiness, that the subtle eye of the unseen soul might be able to look upon Him. Glory to the Son of the Good One, Whom the sons of the evil one rejected!

She gave Him milk from what He made exist. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The womb and the sepulchre being sealed were witnesses unto Syriab.

Moses shut up a lamb in the month Nisan on the tenth day; a type this of the Son that came into the womb and shut Himself up therein on the tenth day. If you wish to experience thoughtful, heavy theology from a different angle, read Ephrem!

St. Ephrem – A Theologian of Hymns

In March when the lambs bleat in the wilderness, into the Womb the Paschal Lamb entered! The whole creation became mouths to Him, and cried concerning Him. Today the rennet fell on us from the gentle David’s house. Blessed is he the priest who in the sanctuary, — offers to the Father the Son of the Father syeian the fruit that is plucked from our tree, though it be wholly of the Divine Majesty!

Glory be unto You from all that are quickened by You! I held all men in affection, and whoso hates me knows it — I know not all my days what a bribe is.

How can any that is dead go before Him — that power whereby he was raised?

Ephrem the Syrian: Hymns – Saint Ephraem (Syrus) – Google Books

Blessed be the Good One, Who suddenly enriched our necessitousness and supplied our needs! Blessed be His good pleasure! At the birth of the Sonthere was a great shouting in Bethlehem ; for the Angels came down, and gave praise there. The First-born has hymms unto us His feast as a treasure-house.


The daughters of the Hebrews that cried in the Lamentations of Jeremiah, instead of lamentations of syrin Scriptures, used lulling-songs from their own books: The slumber of Sion was not dispersed by the voice of the thunders, but she strian offended, stood up, and slew Him because He aroused her.

The simple who believe have knowntwo Comings of Christ: Want to Read saving…. Who can hold back the sea of that bitter one? One is the key of theCreator, that which has opened it, yea, is to open it at His Coming. In this night that stills all, none that threatens or disturbs!

I have taken You in charge for the bed of Childbirth.

Hymns on the Nativity

In his death there was weeping among the living; likewise in Sheol is great mourning at his resurrection. Who is he that rphrem able to join the bones, save that Power which created them?

Because Elijah restrained the desire of the body, he withheld rain sygian the adulterous; because he kept under his body, he withheld dew from the whoremongers, who let their fountains be loosely poured out. Cheerful was He with the little ones as a child; awful was He with the Angels as a Commander: All that you hear told about this Paradise, so pure and holy, is pure and spiritual.

Our Lord subdued His might and constrained it, that His living death might give life to Adam. In the seventh year, the clouds and winds tne with us and sprinkled the dews over the flowers, for they saw the Son who enslaved His brightness and received disgrace and foul spitting.