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Discover Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp’s track Estuans Interius. Complete your Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. “Estuans interius” by Synergy & Australian Virtuosi & Antony Walker & Jonathan Summers on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Estuans interius; Olim lacus colueram (No violins used); Ego sum abbas ( Only percussion and brass with chorus); In taberna quando sumus. III.

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Sors immanis Fate – monstrous et inanis, and empty, rota tu volubilis, you whirling wheel, status malus, you are malevolent, vana salus well-being is vain semper dissolubilis, and always fades to nothing, obumbrata shadowed et velata and veiled michi interiux niteris; you plague me too; nunc per ludum now through the game dorsum nudum I bring my bare back fero tui sceleris.

In truitina In the balance In truitina mentis dubia In the wavering balance of my feelings fluctuant contraria set against each other lascivus amor et pudicitia. Were diu werlt alle min [German] II.

Whereas it is proper for a wise man to place his foundations on rock, I, in my folly, am like a flowing river, never staying on the same course. Veris leta facies The merry face of spring Veris leta facies The merry face of spring mundo propinatur, turns to the world, hiemalis acies sharp winter victa iam fugatur, now flees, vanquished; in vestitu vario bedecked in various colours Flora principatur, Flora reigns, nemorum dulcisono the harmony of the woods que cantu celebratur.

Oh woe, who will love me? Manda liet, Mandaliet, Manda liet, mandaliet, min geselle my lover chumet niet. Omnia sol temperat The sun warms everything Omnia sol temperat The sun warms everything, purus et subtilis, pure and gentle, novo mundo reserat once again it reveals to the world faciem Aprilis, April’s face, ad amorem properat the soul of man animus herilis is urged towards love et iocundis imperat and joys are governed deus puerilis. Tam pro papa quam pro rege To the Pope as to the king bibunt omnes sine lege.

The poem seems to have been famous in the late Middle Ages as it vividly expresses the spirit of the Ordo Vagorum.

Carmina Burana

Rerum tanta novitas All this rebirth in solemni vere in spring’s festivity et veris auctoritas and spring’s power jubet nos gaudere; bids us to rejoice; vias prebet solitas, it shows us paths we know well, et in tuo vere and in your springtime fides est et probitas it is true and right tuum retinere. Cum sit enim proprium viro sapienti supra petram ponere sedem fundamenti, stultus ego comparor fluvio labenti sub eodem tramite numquam permanenti.


Qui nos rodunt confundantur May those who slander us be cursed et cum iustis non scribantur. In taberna quando sumus Baritone and Male Chorus Wafna, wafna! Vellet deus, vallent dii May God grant, may the gods grant quod mente proposui: Reie Round dance Swaz hie gat umbe Swaz hie gat umbe, Those who go round and round daz sint alles megede, are all maidens, die wellent an man they want to do without a man allen disen sumer gan!

You may also want to read the FAQ document for background details on this popular work. Let me please you! Baritone Oh, oh, oh, Oh! Quid agatur in taberna What happens in the tavern, ubi nummus est pincerna, where money is host, hoc est opus ut queratur, you may well ask, si quid loquar, audiatur.

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Dulcissime Sweetest one Dulcissime, Sweetest one! Stetit puella A girl stood tamquam rosula; like a little rose: Entered by Charles Cave. Quamvis bibant mente leta, However much they cheerfully drink sic nos rodunt omnes gentes we are the ones whom everyone scolds, et sic erimus egentes. Seht mich an, Look at me, jungen man! Women Mea mecum ludit My virginity virginitas, makes me frisky, mea me detrudit my simplicity simplicitas. Ego sum abbas Veni, veni, venias Chorus Veni, domicella, Come, my mistress, cum gaudio, with joy, veni, veni, pulchra, come, come, my pretty, iam pereo.

Feror ego veluti sine nauta navis, ut per vias aeris vaga intfrius avis; non me tenent vincula, non me tenet clavis; quaero mihi similes, et adiungor pravis. In Taberna In the Tavern Tempus est iocundum Floret silva nobilis Small and large choruses 8. I go on the broad way after the manner of youth; and I inteius myself in vice, forgetful of virtue; greedy for pleasure more than for salvation, I, dead in my soul, attend to the needs of my flesh.

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Male chorus Miser, miser! Olim lacus colueram Tui lucent oculi Your eyes shine sicut solis radii, like the rays of the sun, sicut splendor fulguris like the flashing of lightening lucem donat tenebris.


Parum sexcente nummate Six hundred pennies would hardly durant, cum immoderate suffice, if everyone iinterius omnes sine inteius. O sodales, ludite, O friends, you are making fun of me, vos qui scitis dicite you do not know what you are saying, michi mesto parcite, spare me, sorrowful as I am, grand ey dolur, great is my grief, attamen consulite advise me at least, per voster honur.

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Olim lacus colueram No violins used Ama me fideliter, Love me faithfully! Quidam ludunt, quidam bibunt, Some gamble, some drink, quidam indiscrete vivunt. Si puer cum puella Fortune plango vulnera I bemoan the wounds of Fortune Fortune plango vulnera Rstuans bemoan the wounds of Fortune stillantibus ocellis with weeping eyes, quod sua michi munera for the gifts she made me subtrahit rebellis.

inetrius Dies, nox et omnia Day, night and everything Dies, nox esutans omnia Day, night and everything michi sunt contraria; is against me, virginum colloquia the chattering of maidens me fay planszer, makes me weep, oy suvenz suspirer, and often sigh, plu me fay temer.

Amor volat undique Were diu werlt alle min Were all the world mine Were diu werlt alle min Were all the world mine von deme mere unze an den Rin from the sea to the Rhine, des wolt ih mih darben, I would starve myself of it daz diu chunegin von Engellant so that the queen of England lege an minen armen.

Blanziflor Et Helena O Fortuna Chorus O Fortune O Fortuna O Fortune, velut luna like the moon statu variabilis, you are changeable, semper crescis ever waxing aut decrescis; and waning; vita detestabilis hateful life nunc obdurat first oppresses et tunc curat and then soothes ludo mentis aciem, as fancy takes it; egestatem, poverty potestatem esthans power dissolvit ut glaciem.

Amor volat undique Cupid flies everywhere Amor volat undique, Cupid flies everywhere captus est libidine. Ave formosissima Hail, most beautiful one Ave formosissima, Interus, most beautiful one, gemma pretiosa, precious jewel, ave decus virginum, Hail, pride among virgins, virgo gloriosa, glorious virgin, ave mundi luminar, Hail.

The wheel of Fortune turns; descendo minoratus; I go down, demeaned; alter in altum tollitur; another is raised up; nimis exaltatus far too high up rex sedet in vertice sits the king at the summit – caveat ruinam!