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The Eurapipe ABS system comprises a range of matched pressure pipes and fittings, jointed together by a wide variety of methods including cold solvent cement. Euratech Industries Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in the manufacturing and sales of. Eurapipe ABS pressure pipes and fittings. Our products are widely used . MSDS. Eurapipe ABS Primer MSDS · Eurapipe ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit ABS Solvent Cement MSDS · Tangit CPVC Solvent Cement MSDS [ KB.

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Store away from incompatible materials in a cool, dry well ventilated area. Under ambient conditions of temperature, pH, and low concentration, these condensation reactions are unfavorable. If this product comes in contact with the eyes: Wear breathing eurapiep plus protective gloves in the event of a fire. Use in a well-ventilated area. Drug therapy should be considered for pulmonary oedema.

The properties include, Low flammability, Excellent chemical resistance, exceptional ageing resistance and high rigidity. Methyl ethyl ketone is expected to have very high mobility in soil.


This document was provided by Pentair for Fusion. Prevent concentration in hollows and sumps. If spontaneous vomiting has occurred after ingestion, the patient should be monitored for difficult breathing, as adverse effects of aspiration into the lungs may be delayed up to 48 hours. Remove all ignition sources. Skip to main content. Prevent, by any means available, spillage from entering drains or water course.


Treat seizures with diazepam. This is complemented by a wide array of imported moulded, compression and electrofusion fittings from leading global manufactures. Ventilation equipment should be explosion-resistant. Avoid physical damage to containers. A significant property of most ketones is that the hydrogen atoms on the carbons next to the carbonyl group are relatively acidic when as to hydrogen atoms in typical hydrocarbons.

Where the chemical ab a preparation of several substances, the resistance of the glove material can not be calculated in advance and has therefore to be checked prior euurapipe the application.

No smoking, naked lights, heat or ignition sources. Consult a toxicologist as necessary. The design of a ventilation system must match the particular process and chemical or abz in use. Inhalation of vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness. DO NOT use emetics. Employers may need to use multiple types of controls to prevent employee overexposure.

Tecofi is involved in other fields such as biogas, food-processing durapipe, pharmaceutical industry, and sugar industry. Positive end-expiratory pressure PEEP -assisted ventilation may be required for acute parenchymal injury or adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Fish LC50 24 h: If fumes or combustion products are inhaled remove from contaminated area. Closed containers may rupture due to pressure buildup under fire conditions. Our comprehensive testing laboratory and rigorous testing procedures ensure the consistent manufacture of high quality products.

These pipes and fittings are most rurapipe for fluids whose temperature does not exceed DegF. Air contaminants generated in the workplace possess varying “escape” velocities which, in turn, determine the “capture velocities” of fresh circulating air required to effectively remove the contaminant.


It may be necessary to collect all wash water for treatment before disposal. Examine the skin prior to the use of the material and ensure that any external damage is suitably protected. Not Available CAS number: Liquid and vapour are highly flammable. Page 8 of 9 Fusion stocks and supplies WA 08 fusionaus. On combustion, may emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide CO. DO NOT store in pits, depressions, basements or areas where vapours may eurapipw trapped.

EMCO – Electrical Mechanical Company | Eurapipe

Reduction Reuse Recycling Disposal if all else fails This material may be recycled if unused, or if it has not been contaminated so as to make it unsuitable for its intended use.

Product is considered stable. Personal protection Eye and face protection: Medical and first-aid personnel should be trained in their removal and suitable equipment should be readily available.

Where a can is to be used as an inner package, the can must have a screwed enclosure.