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EURORACK UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX-PRO/UBFX- PRO. This symbol, wherever it appears, alerts you to the presence of uninsulated . 5 user reviews on Behringer Eurorack UBFX-Pro. The Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer is versatile and feature packed for project audio mixing in home studios, musician rigs, podcast.

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By the integrated effects against the horrible, I do not see where it is 24 bit, it looks like a 4 bit dithering as there is breath. The only thing that steers from the ub2222fx-peo that jumps out at me is the FX section. Micro amps are not great especially after half a turn knob.

So you select which one you want to run, and you can then send that in various amounts to your channels. The FX are digital and built into the mixer. Log in Become a member.

Most of what this unit does sounds rather cheap, I guess because the unit itself is cheap. You do not take risk by adopting it. For my purposes, it hasn’t done me wrong, though I do not use it for many musical applications due to the sound being second rate. Overall, Behringer remains faithful to him even without be at the top.


Ease of operation and ub2222fx-prp FX are nice.

Behringer Eurorack UBFX-PRO Channel Mixer UBFX-PRO

It’s just practice to see what happens. Nothing special to say except that the manual is not rich but just enough trs.

Made to be rack mounted or stand alone. However, included in the package is a little rack-mounted plate on which you can put the mixer – so I guess it’s semi-rackmountable. A couple of the reverbs are not bad.

I personally found the manual to be a little bit vague at times. Never really teacher, but it’s a shame when even. Each slice is complte with the gain, a low cut, an equalizer 3bandes semi prametrique prcis quite effective and a pre and post dpart fader, pan, mute, solo, hand routing and under group. Noise tends to be a problem on Behringer products, and you can hear it as you push up the gain – another reason you maybe wouldn’t want to use this in a studio.

All user reviews for the Behringer Eurorack UB2222FX-Pro

Sort by most recent most useful. But one hour eurorcak time you Comprida all of its secrets. Shame about the headphones unusable. Peak indicator is very practical. I’ve used a good amount of mixers.

My ear does not dcle blast on returns. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The qualiseurs t appear to have reviewed and are quite efficient. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.


Our members also liked: The EQ does what it’s supposed to do, but again sounds grainy uv2222fx-pro not very smooth. However, most of the functions are largely self-explanatory so it’s not a huge deal. The first time repaired under warranty, repaired the second chisel.

This mixer also provides phantom power. Cookies help us eurorqck performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. This review was originally published on http: Not satisfied with those reviews? I had a little trouble understanding how effects routing and sub-groups. There are integrated effects that you can send into the individual channels. Some things still elude me why can not we send the return effect “FX in the sub, it does not work I purchased this unit off of E-Bay.

There are also 3 sends, a pan pot, mute, and solo buttons. Did you find this review helpful? Sounds are brittle, small, and lack a lot of extreme high end that can bring a track to life. I like the very low price about it, and that it is reliable. Each of those channels has an EQ strip with 3 bands.